Our Christmas Tree

Here is a picture of our Christmas tree. I post this because we finally had a chance to download our pictures from our camera (I still owe you a post from Victorian Christmas, I got some beautiful pictures there). This isn’t the best picture, but it’s the best one we got. Our decorations could best be described as either eclectic or country. Most of them were crafts made by my Grandma or my Mom. Also, don’t be alarmed by Garfield hanging upside down from the tree in the lower right hand corner. My daughter hung him that way. Also, we have a nicer tree skirt, but it didn’t make it down from the attic this year.


5 thoughts on “Our Christmas Tree

  1. Ornaments made by your Mom and Grandma, that is really nice.

    I can’t find our tree skirt, I have a strong memory of buying one last year, but can’t find it anywhere.

  2. Your site is snowing! So cool! I love your Christmas tree. I really love a tree with lots of different and interesting ornaments, none of this themed nonsense. We had to tie two baubles to the dresser drawers to stop Kiko from attacking the ones on our tree. He would be impressed by Garfield, we have some teddy ornaments that he loves. I hope you had a good Christmas and that you have a Happy New Year. I’m restricted on computer time right now but hope to get back into regular posting and commenting soon!

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