We’re Back

Well, I’m finally home from visiting everyone for Christmas. We departed on the 24th and just got home this evening (the 29th). It was tiring, but nice to see everyone. Thanks to everyone for the comments here. I will respond soon. I have been away from the computer for five days, which doesn’t seem like a long time until you do it.

All of my family was generous with gifts and I’m happy to say I received a bunch of books, which should keep me busy for a while. I got The Wee Free Men and Thud! by Terry Pratchett and Widdershins by Charles De Lint. I also received Diaries 1969-1979: The Python Years by Michael Palin of Monty Python.

The big gift I received was the Sony Reader (an e-Book reader). I love the feel of printed books and will probably never completely switch to electronic books. I wanted the Reader more for the free books out there such as the ones on Project Guterberg that are available as free downloads. I will write more about it when I have had some time with it.

My wife bought me the DVD to the movie Stardust and I can’t wait to watch that. It was such a good movie. I’m so glad she bought it for me.

The most fun was seeing my daughter with her presents.  We did the presents between my wife, my daughter, and I just this evening when we got home.

Anyhow, I’m back now, Christmas was great, and now I have to catch up with reading everything you all have written!