My Life is a Musical


My wife tells me our daughter is now 19 months, but I still tell everybody she’s a year and a half. It’s easier for people to figure out and is close enough. Anyhow, she is pretty advanced for her age as far as language is concerned. People are amazed all the time how articulate she is. Yes, I’m bragging. Sorry!

She is also a musical little girl, and we always say she has a song in her heart. In fact, half the time I feel like I’m living in a musical. She is constantly singing songs, often with my wife’s name, my name, or Odie’s name (from the Garfield comic strip) sprinkled into the lyrics. For example, Jingle Bells has often been sung as “Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the Dadda”. Too cute.

The funniest thing she has been doing is singing the song “Oh where, Oh where has my little dog gone” whenever she has misplaced something, though she inserts the item she is looking for into the lyrics. If she is looking for her juice she’ll just sing “Oh where, Oh where has my juice gone” to herself until she either finds it or we get the hint and find it for her.

It’s really not bad, living in a musical though. It surely makes things interesting and cuter. Everything isn’t perfectly cute, however. I will save for another time the tales of rejection she has for dolls. This one knows what she likes at a year and a half (sorry, 19 months) already.


7 thoughts on “My Life is a Musical

  1. What a nice song! Have you tried recording it while she’s not looking/watching the action?

    Is this the Cookie Monster from Sesame Street? We used to have a small CM figure. When my daughter was about 1-2 years old, she slept with it. It had its mouth open, and she kept her hand inside the mouth. That was just how she fell asleep.

    Happy New Year!!

  2. I’m afraid I am guilty of facilitating a bit of living in a musical-ness myself with my son. My husband gets driven a bit crazy by our chid’s constant humming, whistling, and singing, but I just laugh inside. Happy boy!

    You really must find a way to record your daughter. Too cute!

  3. Yeah, I don’t get the months thing, because it carries on after they’re one. I had a lady in a restaurant ask me how old my sister was, and I said one, but my mom said 15 months. Same difference. Maybe it’s not a musical at our house, but we have music blaring all the time. I listen to a lot of heavy stuff and it drives my family insane. Although, me and my brother run around the house and sing Phantom of the Opera from beginning to end…that might count.
    HAPPY NEW YEAR! (in 21 minutes, mind you!)

  4. Aww that is so adorable, you should record it or put a video of it on here, i dont think ive seen your daughter. HAPPY NEW YEAR
    ps. the snow looks awesome

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