En Writing

I suppose I should give you all an update on the glorious progress I have made with my writing in the past few weeks. *Ahem* About that, I haven’t really made any progress the past few weeks. Sorry! My NaNoWriMo project sits abandoned, a month’s worth of blood, sweat, and tears discarded like a pair of socks on Christmas morning. In my defense I was rarely home and was simply not in my element. Secondly, I was feeling a bit lazy.

I was able to motivate myself to start writing again yesterday. Not the NaNoWriMo project though. Instead I have been brainstorming about the “steampunk” writing opportunity I told you all about a few weeks ago. I wrote a few hundred words of that yesterday and I think I now have a pretty decent story idea. We will see. The hard part is to work in some of my humor but still have a good story. One of my idea involves infomercial type inventions (which is funny as the time period is the late 1800s).

Related to that, I have been looking for novels with a “Victorian” feel, so any suggestions would be much appreciated. I imagine Jane Austen would be one suggestion. I have also checked out Charles Dickens (I’m going to read The Old Curiosity Shop on my Sony Reader). Any others?

Oh, and thanks to Diane I’ve found the next gadget I MUST HAVE, the Namaztag rabbit.



12 thoughts on “En Writing

  1. Tee hee! You should get a rabbit and then we can send messages – your daughter would love it! And it is very useful. Well, slightly useful. Well, it’s very silly really but great fun!!

    As for Victorian novels, you should read

    Sarah Waters – The Fingersmith
    Sarah Waters – Affinity
    Michael Cox – The Meaning of Night
    Michel Faber – The Crimson Petal and the White

    I have read and thoroughly enjoyed them all 🙂

  2. You should try the Bronte sisters. Do they have to be written in the Victorian times, or the story only has to be Victorian? Check out Libba Bray, just in case. Um…I don’t have any more off the top of my head, but I will definitely get back to you on that.

  3. Saw Stardust over the Christmas break and thought of you. I thought they did a great job of interpreting the feeling of the book. Did I miss it in the book though, that the captain guy was a “Whoopsie?” Or was that theatrical interpretation?

    Whatever the case, hope your holidays were great.

  4. Thanks so much Diane. I would buy one of those rabbits this instant if I could somehow find a hundred dollars in loose change in the couch cushions. My daughter would absolutely ADORE one of these.

  5. curbxstomp – thanks. I’ll check those out. I’m looking more towards ones written in the Victorian era if for now other reason than they are in the public domain and therefore free.

    Hoodie – I’m glad you liked the movie. The Captain character in the book was barely mentioned. That was all expanded for the movie.

  6. I can’t decide if the bunny is wonderful or horrible? Entertaining or annoying? Both.

    Good luck on that….(takes time to look at print above)steampunk writing.

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