Better Late Than Never?

Remember in December when I told you all about the Victorian Christmas events I was attending in my neighborhood and how I was going to post pictures after the event? Well, I wanted to post about it right away but my daughter got sick and then holiday preparations kicked in. Anyhow, this is late but I think you will enjoy it.

Overall, we had a fun time on the house tours. We had a bunch of family visiting for the event (about 12 people including us) so things were hectic cleaning the house and cooking dinner for all those people. Still, I think everyone had a good time. I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of many of the houses this year, but I got some good ones at one of my favorite houses on the tour. This one doesn’t look like a big deal from the outside, but as you will see from my photos, the views are amazing.

This is one is a picture of what I’m calling the courtyard of the house. You can see the park in the background (you will see more of it in a bit). These is a really nice pond here and would make the perfect writing spot.


Below is a picture of some of the iron work on the porch as well as some of the colors in the trees.


Below is a picture of the gazebo in the town’s park. This is a popular spot for weddings and wedding pictures.


Below is another picture of the park, and the waterfall in the park. You can also make out some of the homes in the background. This is still a view from the courtyard of the same house.


Finally, this is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken. I wasn’t sure I would be able to capture the beauty of the view from this place on camera, but I think I came close.


Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed these pictures. I’ll try to get more pics of the actual houses next year.


7 thoughts on “Better Late Than Never?

  1. very pretty, beautiful last shot, but I admit the water looks mucho cold, and I can’t help but keep wondering what it looks like in spring, or summer. I couldn’t imagine sitting in that gazebo writing before then.

  2. It looks beautiful…and you had snow! All we had was rain and greyness – and it’s still grey and raining. I am getting very bored with this weather, not very photogenic at all!

  3. These photos are quite interesting, Paul.
    I am somehow confused:which of them is yours? Perhaps, none? Sorry, I did not quite catch it 😦

    Re: rabbit gizmo:
    It’s not the photo that I disliked. I abhor the idea of robots, artificial things and stuff. But I acknowledge they seem fun and useful for many people. I do not despisie people who use/like them for their strange liking. I do not like gadgets that’s all.

  4. Great shots! Really like the last one.

    Whenever I see a gazebo like that I think of The Sound of Music. Hrm, I might have to hand in my man card after that reference…

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