It’s All My Fault

I think I’m the cause of Global Warming. Sorry about that, guys.

What am I talking about? Well, do you remember yesterday how I told you that I bought a new winter coat? Well, I looked at the weather forecast for today and it’s going to get up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit today. That’s right, 70 degrees, in Pennsylvania, in January! Just for the record it was 13 degrees just last week, which prompted me to buy the coat. So, yeah, it will probably never be cold here again. Sorry about that!

On the writing front, I have a bunch of notes together on the steampunk story, but not much actual text yet. I told my wife the basic synopsis of the story and she reacted very favorably to it (not always the case). So now I’m excited to write it. I just need to feel a little better first.

Finally, I was happy to see Barack Obama pick up some steam towards the Democratic nomination for President.  I think he would make an excellent president and he fits my criteria that the President should be smarter than I am.  I don’t have any major problems with Hillary and think she would be OK as President as well, but I didn’t like how the media tried to crown her the nominee a few months back before anyone had a chance to vote.