I Feel Pretty Good Today

For the first time in almost a week, I woke up this morning and didn’t feel nauseated. It’s amazing how much you appreciate feeling well after being sick for even a short period of time. It must take a tremendous amount of strength for people who are suffering from an illness they know will never get better from (my Grandmother, for example, went through this with ALS), to just somehow keep on waking up everyday. Anyhow, I feel good.

I was able to wear the new coat today. That means it was cold outside, 29 degrees Fahrenheit according to the little gadget in my living room that tells me the temperature outdoors. I got a few compliments at work about it, which is nice.

I bought a dozen roses for my wife yesterday, to thank her for giving me the time to go to that writer’s meeting, as well for letting me play hockey, and for taking care of our daughter, etc. A few women at work told me how nice I was for doing this. I’m really not that nice. It had been A WHILE since I bought my wife flowers. I was due.

I will let you all know how the writing group goes. The first meeting is Monday. I’m not sure if I’ll bring anything to be critiqued or not. I think the hardest part of the group, for me, will be giving criticism. That said, I know that is the point of the whole thing and will do my best to help my fellow writers.

I did some writing on my steampunk story yesterday.  That makes me happy.


6 thoughts on “I Feel Pretty Good Today

  1. No, you are nice! You recognized and appreciated your wife’s efforts and you showed her how much you appreciated her. That is more than nice, it is wonderful. Good for you. And good luck with the writer’s group!

  2. You are definitely nice! When you’re looking after a child full-time, a lot of people don’t seem to realise the hard work involved and you can get to feel so drained. Some days even just a kind word from another person makes me feel so much better. I tell Kiko’s Daddy not to buy me flowers because I get sad when they die. Am I weird? He thinks so! Of course he knows that books are always welcome, heh heh heh…!! I hope you have a good time at the writers’ group and continue to feel better.

  3. You bought flowers: you ARE nice. Women do love flowers for some uncertain reason but yes, Helen’s right too: it is sad when they eventually die. We have a compost heap so those can make their second use in the garden once decomposed…:)

  4. I’m loving the flowers – such a thoughtful thing to do. I buy them for myself these days!
    It’s nice you appreciate your wife and her hard work and I’m also glad you are feeling better.

  5. Go steampunk.

    Hmmm…I can’t read this without thinking about the fact that back when we were dating, my husband once gave me socks for Valentines Day. Not even cute girlie socks, but dark blue, dark green, grey and brown ones. Ah those were the good old days, when I used to get SOMETHING for Valentines Day.

    Like Helen, I get sad when the flowers die. When I ask for flowers, they are the kind I can plant in my yard, and I can never manage to do cuttings from them for vases indoors, I feel too bad).

    Thank goodness you feel better. Hope the group goes well on Monday, and good for you showing your wife you see and appreciate what she does, showing her that, will go a long way.

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