Doctor Who Series 4 Preview

I was mucking around on the internet the other day, looking for more Doctor Who news. I even went to the Sci-Fi channel’s web site hoping to find out when/if Series 4 will be showing in the United States. Turns out Series 4 will be showing here on the Sci-Fi channel, but that haven’t announced when it will be on. In the meantime, someone on the message boards posted a link to a Doctor Who Series 4 Preview on YouTube. I post it here for those of you who have not yet seen it.


3 thoughts on “Doctor Who Series 4 Preview

  1. Ooh! Wonderful!

    BUT I liked Martha (Freema Agyeman)! I don’t like the Catherine Tate Show so I don’t like the thought of her as the new assistant. I want Rose or Martha back, please.

    Was that Voldemort I saw in there….? A bit of Harry Potter crossover? Now that would make a good story, Ron, Hermione and Harry go off in the Tardis to sort Voldemort out when he was a baby….

  2. Diane, you’re in luck: both Martha and Rose will be appearing in the fourth series. Martha’s in five episodes (after appearing in Torchwood for three episodes). We don’t know how many episodes Rose will be in, though — some news sources say three, but she’s only been seen on set for one.

    I think that Doctor Who got as close as it’s going to get to a Harry Potter crossover last year with “The Shakespeare Code”, when Martha saved the world by giving William Shakespeare the word “expelliarmus”!

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