Just the Three of Us

My home life has been going through a subtle change the past few months, a change that has been hard to notice when it was happening, but one that is quite obvious now that I look back on things. Let me explain.
For the longest time, it has felt that there were two people living in my house, my wife and myself, and it felt this way even after our daughter was born. To be honest a baby really doesn’t do much. They eat. They sleep (if you’re lucky). They pop. If they are in a really good mood they might smile at you or say your name. This will make you feel like the king (or queen) of the Universe. Still, they’re just kinda there.

These past few months have been different. My daughter, who is now a year and a half (20 months to all you parents out there), has really been putting concepts together. She tells jokes, completes sentences, puts Hello Kitty stickers all over the house (including my dress shirt I wear to work, which I of course forget about until a co-worker spots it), and tells us what she wants. It is such a fun, brilliant, wonderful time. It truly feels like our little house now has three people living there.

In the mornings I usually wake first, get my shower, and then either wake my wife for her shower, or switch kid-watching duties with her because our daughter has already awakened her. My daughter watches The Wiggles on TV while I try get ready for work, trying to transform my hair from “oh dear lord, what is that thing growing/not growing on his head” to the much more presentable “I feel sorry for him” look. A cute thing she has been doing lately has been to pat the bed beside her and say “Dadda, sit”, wanting me to watch The Wiggles with her. Her favorite characters are Jeff (“Wake up Jeff!”) and Wags the Dog.


Anyhow, I guess this post doesn’t really have a point. I just wanted to say that I’m in a good place, even if my writing is not.