Even The Pros Hit a Rut

First of all, sorry for the late post. Our weather was bad today. We are getting a “wintry mix”. It’s not snow, but it’s not freezing rain. Actually, it’s kinda like snow cones are falling from the sky. In fact, I think meteorologists should change their terminology from “wintry mix” to “it’s falling snow cones, you might want to walk carefully today”. Just avoid the yellow snow cones. Those ones are NOT lemonade flavored.


Snoopy Snow Cone Maker

OK, on to the point of this post. I read a few author blogs, and believe it or not they seem to be human. Shocking, I know.

First up is Neil Gaiman. He has been working (or at least talking about) his upcoming book The Graveyard Book for at least a few months now and has been working on chapter 7 for a couple weeks. His posting to his blog has been more sporadic of late as he was trying to finish the novel. Here is his latest post about the book, which I figured all of you writers would enjoy:

There’s an odd point in writing, when you reach a bit that you’ve known was going to happen for years. Years and years. And then it doesn’t happen like you thought it would…

It’s as if there’s a ghost-story behind the text and nobody knows it’s there but me.

Still on Chapter Seven of The Graveyard Book, but I’m well into the last half of the chapter, and it no longer feels like I’m walking towards the horizon, with the horizon retreating as I advance… I’ve written about eleven easy pages today, and cannot wait to get back to it. If I’m still awake and writing I may pull an all-nighter.

It barely feels like I’m writing it. Mostly it feels like I’m the first one reading it.

Pretty soon now, Mr Ketch will fall down a hole. Mr Dandy, Mr Nimble and Mr Tar will have a gate opened for them, and the man Jack will get just what he always wanted…

Secondly, author John Scalzi is also working on a novel, but handling his blogging in a different way. He’s still posting to his blog, but only to ask a quick question and then getting back to writing. He’s keeping people coming to his blog and leaving comments, but at the same time is not getting distracted by this bloggy thing.

Anyhow, take heart writers. Even the pros struggle now and then.


12 thoughts on “Even The Pros Hit a Rut

  1. I adore Neil Gaiman. He is so amazing. I’m in the middle of reading Neverwhere. I take solace in the fact that the pros hit a rut. Not a good thing for them, but it helps boost the other writers’ self-esteem. It was raining this morning, but unfortunately it didn’t freeze, so here I sit.
    At school.
    Kaelie curbxstomp

  2. It’s heartening to know that ‘proper’ authors’ struggle too. I’m on the second draft of my first novel; sometimes it feels like I’m climbing up a vertical mountain with a gale force wind trying to push me all the way back down to ground level again. One day I will see the top!!

  3. Akasha – I’ll be happy when I get to the second draft! It is heartening to know we aren’t the only ones struggling

    curbxstomp – I haven’t read Neverwhere yet, but have read most of his other stuff. At least it’s almost the weekend, right?

  4. Snoppy Snow Cone Machine! I miss those.

    It’s always good to see the pros struggle. Not that I don’t commiserate, but it makes me feel like all my struggles are just part of the path.

  5. I always remember a Snoopy cartoon strip along the lines of ‘Don’t eat yellow snow’. In England I think the wet ‘Wintery mix’ is what we call sleet. We were promised snow and the north of the UK is having terrible weather problems (blizzards, motorways closed, high winds, ships sinking, lorries overturned) but here on the south coast it is grey and windy, a bit wet but no snow.

  6. Thank you for this, found it interesting.

    But fav part of post, by far, is your suggestion. I totally think the meteorologists should take you up on it, it just sounds so much more…I don’t know, better in every way, more interesting, more imaginative, both scarier and more magical.
    It is falling snow cones today. Get out the sugary syrup and some plastic cones, and try to catch some on the way to work. Oh, but as you so nicely point out, once it lands, best not to try and eat it, no matter what flavor it may appear to be.

    Plus that would help with the whole…”is that rain, sleet, freezing rain, hail, or snow?” thing, when it is a mix, we’d just call it snow cone.

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