Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday.  My daughter and I both came down with a nasty stomach virus.  I think it was the sickest I’ve ever been.  It was as if my insides were trying to become my outsides all at once.  Not fun.

I’m still not feeling great today, but at least I was able to eat half a piece of bread for breakfast.  My wife has been keeping good care of both me and my daughter, which I’m very thankful for.  I’ll get around to responding to comments in a few days.

9 thoughts on “Sick

  1. Wow. So many people are down with a stomach virus and it sounds just terrible. I’ve been scared to get it while I’m recuperating from surgery here. My mother, sisters, brothers…all of them are down. Must be something pretty powerful.

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that, Paul. I hope that both you and your daughter will be feeling much better soon.
    I know how bad this stomach flu can be. I remember being ill about a year ago. There was nothing left to vomit, and still my stomach was trying, and trying, and trying… Awful!

    Get well soon! 🙂

  3. ai yi yi! Stomach virus is the absolute worst! I feel for you both and I’m praying you not only feel better soon, but that your wife doesn’t catch it also. Feelbetter soon!

  4. Ugh, it sounds like being pregnant. I hope you’re feeling much better today, and your daughter too. My husband has a stomach remedy of mixing two to three teaspoons of evaporated milk into a mug of boiling water. It sounds absolutely disgusting but I find it does work…

  5. Oh that sounds horrible. I hope you both feel better soon.

    I hear lots of things are going around right now. My son says everyday at school, more and more people are missing (he is trying to insulate himself in a handsanitzer film). And everytime my one friend calls, some cold, flu or something is spreading through-out the members of her extended family. You are all making me nervous…I need some sort of talisman, or prayer, or magic vitamin, to ward off this encroaching cloud of sickness.

    Take care. So nice that you are blessed with such a good wife. 🙂

    Hope you didn’t puke out any necessary internal organs.

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