Not Quite Out of the Woods Yet

You know how you feel like you’re out of the woods and then you look up and all of a sudden you find the woods have moved with you and you’re still smack in the middle there? Well, that’s me, kinda.

I mentioned yesterday that I’m finally feeling better. Well, I got a call at work from my wife on Monday and it turns out she has what my daughter and I had. Since she took such great care of me, I left work and went home to take care of her. Mostly it was a day hanging out with my daughter and offering drinks of water from time to time. I feel so bad for her because I know what she is going through.

Unfortunately, this meant I would have to miss my writing group, and also miss out on critiques of my story again! One of the members of the group was kind enough to offer to send her handwritten notes to me via snail mail, so I won’t have to wait an entire other month for those. Disappointing, but what are you gonna do?

I already started on my entry for part 2 of my newspaper’s writing contest. My goal is to make the story as interesting as possible (that hasn’t worked for me so far, but I don’t care). I have a pretty cool idea and have already written half the entry. I think this one is going to be better than the first. As always, I will share once I’ve submitted it to the newspaper.

I’m feeling a slight bit of confidence with my writing the past couple weeks, which is rare for me. I guess I’ll just ride it as long as I can. How about you?


5 thoughts on “Not Quite Out of the Woods Yet

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you missed that meeting, but that fellow writer is so kind!
    I’m not really writing as I have translations to do, but I’d love to write.
    Sometimes I get to write a few lines, that’s all.
    I’m not prolific, never really was.

    Good luck with the second part.

  2. Aw, that was so nice. 😀 I feel the same way with my writing, so I’m going to chill out a little bit. Everyone is sick. Like, half of my school isn’t here. So, you can imagine… I hope your wife feels better and your writing is what you want it to be.
    kaelie curbxstomp

  3. No confidence right here, right now, but I hope you can ride high on that wave for a while, who knows how far it will carry you.

    Sorry to hear your wife is sick, but glad to hear you are taking care of her and the little one. That was the hardest part about being sick when my son was little, he still needed constant care, and I just want to be still in my sick misery.

    I hope the notes sent to you are helpful.

  4. Wah, that’s horrible, I hope your wife is on the mend very soon. I know what you mean. I thought I would be recovering from this cold today but no, I feel worse, and now Kiko’s asthma has flared up badly. It turns out he has had the same “virus” as me but with different symptoms that went directly to his chest and nowhere else. He is so beside himself he is refusing to let me give him his inhalers. So much for my big writing plans for the next few days! Never mind, it is consistency that counts, and you are right to feel confident. Go with that feeling!

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