A Troubling Development Indeed

Yeah, I know it’s Valentine’s Day. Happy Valentine’s Day everybody. I’d like to be all Valentiney today, but there are more important things I need to discuss today. I’m here to discuss something so dangerous, so vile, that it threatens the very fabric of our society. Have you guessed what it is? Yep, I’m talking about those tiny shopping carts that have been popping up in grocery stores the past year or so.


They say we fear what we don’t understand, and I suppose that is true in this case too. I mean, look at that monstrosity up there, with it’s two baskets. It’s just not natural. And why so small? In this time of super-sized meals and monstrously large cars, why do people want teeny-tiny grocery carts.

Let’s think this through. If I go to the grocery store and only want a few items, so don’t grab one of these small shopping carts, I grab one of those handheld baskets, and load it up so full I feel as if my shoulder is about to pop out of socket. That’s the way it’s meant to be. If I want to buy a bunch of stuff, I go for the big grocery cart, just as God intended me to.

What do you think about these tiny carts? Have you used one? In my mind there are only two camps here: pro-little-cart and con-little-cart. As you can tell, I’m firmly in the latter camp. You are either with us or you are against us, to quote a very wise man.

Note: I thought up this whole post while shopping for diapers and such yesterday, and yes, I did use the big cart.  I hope you found it funny.  It was meant to be.


21 thoughts on “A Troubling Development Indeed

  1. I’m a big fan of the little carts. As a father who used to push around the twin double strollers, I appreciate being able to push the short carts whenever possible.

    As an environmentalist, I love that they use less raw materials during their construction.

    As a mean person, I love that whenever kids try to stand on the end and get pushed around the store, the cart is probably going to roll over.

    It’s a win-win-win.

    Now if I could just get one that would hold my iPod and large coffee and run on solar power, I would be set.

  2. Very clever.
    The kid can pick things and put them unnoticed into the basket below, so that the parent only finds them at the cashier. Very clever.

    And good (only) for the shop.

    We don’t have those double basket carts over here.

  3. I like them, they’re cute. However, the kid seat, which those small carts don’t have, is crucial for all mothers of rambunctious five-year-old boys. I don’t care that he’s almost too big to fit. I will wedge that child into a cart as long as I can because it’s the only time he will sit still for more than five minutes.

    So, to recap: little carts=cute. Five-year-olds=tiring.

  4. Mike – you sounded like one of those darn hippies for a second there.

    SzélsőFa – I never thought of that. Maybe this was developed by kids, just like those shoes with the wheels inside they don’t let us adults use. I’ll look into this.

    Jaye – My daughter doesn’t like the kid seat. She lasts for a little while and then wants held or to run around looking at things. 🙂 to your recap.

  5. I LOVE the little carts. My reason is simple– both kids are in school now, so I can do the grocery shopping alone. That means I have a choice– I can use any cart I’d like. No more huge, impossible-to-turn-the-corner-without-knocking-into-the-display “truck carts” that little kids pretend to drive, no more biggest cart available so one kid can ride on the front while the other rides at the handle (giving me a backache as I bend to reach the handle around her). I am now free to decide which cart will best fit my shopping needs.

    However, do I choose the little ones? Not usually, for the same reasons you listed.

  6. aine – that makes sense, even if you are with the bad guys 🙂 I figured I was in the minority on this since I always see people using the little carts. We tried the “truck carts” once, but they are too unwieldy, as you say.

  7. YEAH! I’M A GOOD GUY!! I mean, have you ever tried using one of those carts? I can’t fit everything in there when I go grocery shopping with my mother. I spend ten minutes moving stuff around trying to fit it all. I usually end up with two carts. Just thought I should through that out there.

  8. I’ve never seen on of those, but I usually shop for one, so I like to dislocate my shoulder every trip with the hand basket.

    As a side note, I know some adults that bought those shoes with the wheels inside, so you can wear them with big feet if you like, as long as your dignity is small enough.

  9. I think they’re daft. I’ve used them occasionally but prefer not to. If I can’t fit what I need into a small basket then I’ve bought too much for a small quick shop. Otherwise the big cart does just nicely. I’m sure these are some kind of marketing ploy to get you to buy just that much more than you originally intended!

  10. I love love love the little shopping cart. Genius, fantastic.
    Oh and I was always a one to take the basket, telling myself I am just here to get a few things, and then forever having contents spilling over, and wondering perhaps if I might be able to balance a few items upon my head. (of course, I still at times have this situation)

    I drive a little green beetle, I need to be intune with my space, meaning it should be small, if I can stretch my arms out, and that is the whole of the space I am moving around with me, that is a good thing, in larger vehicles I tend to hit things, same goes for large shopping carts, so hard to turn around the corners when stuff is in them. Also just like with SUV’s I find it easy for those with big cars, and big carts, to assume the right of way, by force of size, and also to block others from going past, by parking themselves clearly in the middle of lanes, I mean aisles. (of this scene the hand held basket is the motorcycle, weaving in and out, and merrily sliding past grid-locked carts, with a gleeful HA!)

    I feel it would be much better if we all drove those handy, tidy little carts. So cheerful, so friendly. Gush.

    (ours are all metal though, looking like small versions of the big carts, I am not so sure about your blue and grey two-tones ones, they seem less official, more like steering around two baskets then a mini-cooper, I mean mini-cart)

  11. Great comment Taffiny. Part of the fun of shopping is hitting other people with the cart, though, right? 🙂

    My wife’s car is a Blue Beetle. I drive it from time to time and love it. It is her second baby.

    My first car was a 1973 VW Beetle (the old ones). That was an interesting car to drive. It’s biggest safety feature was “seat belts”

  12. They’ve had these in UK for a while, and I’ve always seen them as something pensioners would use, like a shopping zimmer frame. I’ve never been tempted to use one myself. I’ve not seen them in Australia, which is probably a good thing. Maybe they should take that picture and put a banned line through it and hang it in the airports here??

    I well know the feeling of carrying a basket so heavy your shoulder socket is popping. Kiko won’t go in the trolley seat either so I have to do the shopping in stages, lugging a basket round and pushing the buggy at the same time. It’s a pain!

  13. I just want a cart that wheels in a straight line and goes where I want it to go…not one of those monsters that has a mind of its own and you have to wrestle it round corners and the floor is always slippery and you get back ache and….and….and I hate shopping anyway! I shall shop online and just deliver it to me please 🙂

  14. How funny! I’m off to the supermarket soon and, before I got out of bed, was thinking: big trolley, medium (‘normal’) trolley or basket (and yes, you are right about the socket-straining!)?

    I don’t see the point of those small trolleys. They look fiddly and a threat to one’s back when unloading.

    Glad to read that you are feeling better, BTW.

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