Favorite Stuff

I’m not really sure what to write about today. Let’s see.. I’m working on my entry for my newspaper’s writing contest. That’s due Monday and almost finished…working on Part 2 of Chris’s writing exercise…excited to continue my story…working on some answers for Julie’s podcast (I’m to be interviewed!)… and that’s about it. Feel free to ask me about any of this, if you are interested.

In the meantime, blogless_troll wrote about five favorite things, which sounded like fun. Here are my answers:

1) Fave mixed drink: Beer and more beer?

2) Fave board game: Scotland Yard or Hero Quest

3) Fave Bob Marley song: None in particular, they’re all good

4) Fave stand-up comedian: Mitch Hedberg or Jim Gaffigan

5) Fave line from The Princess Bride: “I know something you don’t know…I am not left handed”

Feel free to take part in this.