Yes, We Can

Have you seen the mashup of the Black Eyed Peas put out of a Barack Obama speech? It’s pretty powerful stuff, if you ask me. Also, tons of celebrity cameos. On an unrelated note, every time I hear this slogan I think of Bob the Builder.


5 thoughts on “Yes, We Can

  1. It does look (and sound) powerful.
    May the best person (and his ideas) win.
    I can’t interfere as I have no right to vote (why should I, anyway 🙂
    but the outcome will have an effect on us as well.

    (That is sort of nasty and frightening for me.)

  2. Oh, well, the computer is not going to give me sound today but I could *see* the video!

    I saw the Black-Eyed Peas in concert a few years ago (before the Kikorator came along). I was amazed at how talented is. He is so enviably musically gifted. I also like Apl, I had an ESL lesson based on The Apl Song and that always got a great response from the students.

  3. That is a cool video. Great way to reach the youth, as well.

    On a slightly related note, they’ve started calling me Bob the Builder at work because I’ve been stuck working on Maven builds for the past two weeks. Gah.

  4. YES WE CAN !
    Obama – Yes We Can, Love Blossoms * Only The Best ! Illustrated by TanituIsland, “Obama – Yes We Can, Love Blossoms” Inspire Evolution and Change. Created with Passion and Attention to Detail – Yes We Can is in Full Bloom !
    Enjoy, YES WE CAN !

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