Writing Prompt – Road of Death

I came across this today on Boing Boing and it really caught my attention. I also thought it would make an excellent writing prompt for any of you writers out there that need come inspiration. I’m quite busy at the moment, so it’s all you.

Apparently, there is a road in Bolivia commonly referred to as “Death Road”. The road, which is extremely treacherous, and the only route western route into La Paz, Bolivia,  averages 100 deaths per year (and at it’s worst it used to average 400 deaths per year). Here is a link to the article on a web site called Sawse. There are several very cool pictures in the article of vehicles on this dangerous roadway (after the article was posted, it was revealed that the pictures weren’t all of Death Road, check them out though because they are still really cool).

Tell me you don’t have some story ideas after seeing this picture:


That’s all from me for now.  Sorry for the haphazard post today.  I really am busy. 🙂