American Gods Novel Free Online


After a vote by his fans in celebration of his blog’s seventh birthday, Neil Gaiman’s American Gods novel is now available on HarperCollins’ website using their Browse Inside technology.

I’ve already read American Gods, but I wanted to take this opportunity to recommend it to any of you who would like to check it out without having to spend any of your hard earned money. The novel is one of those rare books for me that grabbed a hold of me and kept me until the very end. I carried that book around the house with me, wanting to take advantage of any chance I could get to read this great story. Most of all, Mr. Gaiman made me care about the main protagonist Shadow, and what was happening to him.

The only downside to this is that it’s not available for download, so you won’t be able to read it on your computer offline or on your mobile reading device such as the Sony Reader.  Maybe you will be able to read it on the Kindle.  I don’t know. I see this more as a way for you to read the first chapter maybe, to see if you want to buy a physical copy of the book.

Anyhow, let me know if you haven’t read American Gods and if you take advantage of this offer.  I’m curious as to what you think of the “Browse Inside” technology.

Here again is a link to American Gods at HarperCollins.  It will be available there for a month.

12 thoughts on “American Gods Novel Free Online

  1. thanks for the info – too bad I already spend much more time in front of my monitor than I should ever be.
    I ahve started reading it, anyway:)

  2. I shall check this out – that’s quite a recommendation. Thanks for the info on ‘Stardust’ too.
    I haven’t been able to stop singing the theme tune ‘Rule the World’ by Take That, since I saw the film on DVD. It is driving me crazy…’s stuck in my head 🙂

  3. Yuck. I loved reading books on my Palm Pilot back when it worked but that thing flipped pages quickly. All of those browse insides have such a lag between page turns.

    Like you said, though, great way to get a feel to decide if you like the book.

  4. SzélsőFa – I hear ya. Tough way to read a book, but it is worth it.

    Diane – No problem. American Gods is a great book, in my opinion.

    Mike – I’m with you on the yuck. I’d prefer a Sony Reader compatible file, but that’s not gonna happen.

  5. This is one of my favourite books ever, ever, ever. You will probably know why, Struggling Writer, given my obsession with the World Tree. That particular section of the novel is one of my favourite passages of writing of all time.

    Initially I was amazed that Neil Gaiman was giving this away free, but then I remembered I got my copy free – from the library…!

  6. D is a huge Gaiman fan and I think we have pretty much all is books, but I confess to only having read Anubis Gates, which I loved. I keep meaning to read the rest – first on my list is Anansi Boys, then I’ll get to American Gods.

  7. I love that he’s offering his largest success for free. It’s a really cool thing to do. Unfortunately, offering it in one of those awful Browse Inside readers pretty much makes it useless.

    No one in their right mind is going to sit there and read the book in that thing. Those readers are great for previewing the first few pages, but anything beyond that and it’s hopeless.

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