Spite House

Just a quick post here. There was an article posted in the New York Times yesterday about a “spite house”, which is a house build out of spite I suppose. The house is 7 feet wide, about 25 feet deep and 325 square feet in two stories, and located in Alexandria, Va. It was built in 1830 by one of the owners of one of the adjacent houses to keep horse-drawn wagons and loiterers out of his alley.

The owners don’t use the house as a full time residence. Rather, they use it mostly on weekends. Anyhow, head over and read the article and check out the photos of the building. It really is something to see.

9 thoughts on “Spite House

  1. I loved the little house…I bet it’s got loads of character. I would much rather own a house with history than one of the modern boxes they build these days that have hardly any ‘feel’ to them.

  2. What a nice little house!
    I’d gladly try living there for like…a month….
    than I’d start missing the garden!

  3. Hmm..I don’t really understand calling it a spite house. It doesn’t seem to me these homes were built to spite people, but built to bring some peace and quiet to nearby dwellers. Audacious? Perhaps, but I prefer the word ingenious.

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