Book Covers

Thank you all for your comments yesterday. Everything you said makes sense. I hope I didn’t come across as someone who expects people to blindly buy everything I put out just because I have a blog. I doubt anyone will camp out for tickets to Struggling Writer: The Musical, just because I write some stuff on the Internet. I agree that the most important thing for a writer is obviously the writing. If you don’t write something good, you aren’t going to make “True Fans”. However, I think blogging does help a writer share a bit of their writing and a bit of themselves with their audience, which I imagine is a good thing.

The whole point is moot, however, because in my mind I have about a 15% chance of ever having anything published. Heck, I have yet to even finish a novel yet!

Now on to today’s topic. Have you been reading Neil Gaiman’s blog lately? He’s been sharing a bit about the process of choosing a cover for his upcoming novel The Graveyard Book. Here is a post in which he shared nine different cover choices the artist Dave McKean came up with, and this post talked about the cover they chose.

He may have a bit more input than most authors, he’s Neil Gaiman after all, but I found little bits he shared about the process fascinating.

This one was my favorite of the covers presented:

Art by Dave McKean