A Big Step


Well, I took the big step yesterday and changed my party affiliation from “Independent” to “Democrat”. I say this is a big step because I’ve always tried to remain Independent because I think blind party affiliation can be dangerous. For the first time in years, however, Pennsylvania will actually get a say in who becomes the Democratic nominee and to vote in that primary you have to be registered Democrat. I could not live with myself if I didn’t participate, so I went ahead and filled out the form last night. It feels pretty good.

On the writing front, I have been working on my vampire story and will post that here today or tomorrow.  This is the big finish.  I hope it turns out entertaining.

Anyone have any big plans for the weekend?  I have hockey Saturday morning at 6:30 AM.  I also hope to do some work on Chapter 2 edits of my NaNoWriMo novel.  We’ll see.

8 thoughts on “A Big Step

  1. I don’t think you have to be registered to a specific party in Illinois. When I showed up they asked if I wanted the Dem ballet or the Rep one and I haven’t voted for either party in a while. I should probably look that up someday.

  2. That’s one big step, but if you felt like it then it was just time you did it.
    In Hungary, you don’t have to get registered at any of the parties to vote for nominees.
    Nominee-to-be-s and their agents walk the streets, knocking at doors to get nominations.
    You can nominate only one person by signing your name in a special paper called knocking-slip.


    We’ll have a national vote about the future of education and health system in Hungary. It is on Sunday. If you were watching the news in any case, the good result would be a solid ‘yes’.
    Those who vote with ‘yes’ vote for that education should be state supported and that the health system should not be privatised.

    If ‘no’ wins, hells gets loose here.

  3. As a Canadian, I still find the idea of registering for a specific party to be incredibly strange, but good on you for taking an active part.

  4. In Pa too, and still independent. I didn’t know that you have to be party affiliated to vote in primaries. But I am not feeling anybody anyway.

    This weekend? I will get rained on some more, perhaps much more. I will be forced to make real dinners with many pots and pans, with Cheese’s help, and then do lots of clean-up solo. Bob will talk politics and ponder what he should be doing with his life, wishing he could be doing something other than what he is doing. Cheese will talk of cartoons and video games. I will listen. And I will ponder how and why Bob and I always hold ourselves back from accomplishing what we hope to, and how we can raise a child who believes in himself, and does not mire himself in procrastination, one who reaches. I will wonder again if I will ever finish the draft, and why it seems such a stuggle to make myself do it. Perhaps something more exciting will happen, but the only other things metioned thus far, were possibly renting a movie, and buying Cheese more clothes.

    I feel like standing in a warm sunny day, running my feet through the tip of the ocean, and watching plants grow, and flowers bloom. And I wish I could become someone who does finish the draft. But wishing is a thought not an action. Hmm..I sound a bit melancholy but I am not, actually I feel a bit restless, which is good.

  5. Luckily in MA we can be registered independent and vote in whichever primary we choose. I used to be registered Green but decided to be Independent instead. Greens wanted a lot of party loyalty, too, it felt like. Anywho, good for you for getting involved. It’s an interesting race.

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