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Thanks to everyone who has read the ending to my vampire story. If you have any thoughts on what works/what doesn’t work or anything like that, please let me know. I’m actually going to attempt to sell this one somewhere, so any feedback is appreciated. Also, I’m going to be disabling the posts containing the story at the end of the month, because publications don’t really want stories they buy to be out there on the Internet for free. Thanks to Chris who has already provided me with some really helpful comments.

I’m currently reading the book, The Golden Compass, and I’m really starting to enjoy it. Great characterization in that book so far. The interesting thing is that I’m reading it on my Sony Reader, which makes it the first book I’ve attempted to read from beginning to end on the device. I have to say I’ve noticed no difference in “the experience” of reading on an electronic device rather than a paper book. Once I got used to it, the story drew me in. This would’ve happened on an e-reader, in print, or drawn on a wall in crayon. One day I’ll post some more specifics about reading on the Sony Reader, but for now I will simply say I like it.

Have you all heard of Goodreads? It’s one of those social sites where you can list the books you’ve read, add reviews, etc. There are other such sites out there, but I’m most fond of Goodreads. You can check out my profile on Goodreads here.

11 thoughts on “Stuff and Things

  1. I’ve had my Sony Reader for a little over a year, and I like it. I agree that it doesn’t adversely affect the reading experience. The biggest problem I have with it is the selection at the Sony store, which next to nothing. That, and the fact that eventually it will be obsolete and all the titles I bought will be worthless if the Reader dies. However, one of the best things about it is you can download a bunch of old titles from as text files for free. It’s kinda hard to read those as is, but you can Google for shareware that converts them to the Sony format. So far its worked flawlessly.

  2. I enjoyed your story alot – I think the only question that remains to me is why the vampires were targeting your MC or were they just a special night or something. I would need that one other explanation for it to have been perfect!

  3. Is the ‘Golden Compass’ the one the is called ‘Northern Lights’ over in the UK? Must be, I guess (she said answering herself) – that’s what the film is called…

    The trilogy is amazing, I have just read it for the umpteenth time – I really enjoy it.

    I have found another book I think you will enjoy – ‘The Book Thief’ by Markus Zusak. If I could work out how Goodreads works or remember my password, I would have recommended it to you there.

    PS A TV movie of Terry Pratchett’s ‘The Colour of Magic’ is on the TV here in the UK over Easter starring David Jason and Jeremy Irons – something else I think you will enjoy.

  4. I visited your page on Goodread. I think it’s a great opportunity to get to know something about books before buying them. A friend’s review can comme helpful!

    I see that a review follows another by a day or two.
    Do your read that fast or is it just a compilation of things you have read recently?

  5. Diane – yeah, Golden Compass is Northern Lights. It’s a great book so far. I haven’t seen the film yet. I think I remember you saying you read the books.

    I’ll check out The Book Thief. Maybe I can get an electronic version of that.

    Let me know if you watch ‘The Colour of Magic’ and if it’s any good. It was a hilarious book.

    SzélsőFa – I am not that fast of a reader. I just posted about them in a similar time frame. I usually only get to read about 10 pages of a book a night.

  6. Love the picture you included in this post. I don’t know that I could move to an e-reader. I love the feel of the old book in hand! Looking forward to hearing more about your thoughts on it, though, as I have NOT tried it yet myself and thus ought not to talk! 🙂

  7. writinggb – I got that picture from wikimedia commons on a search for “books”. I have a lot of thoughts about the e-reader and some links on the web, particularly to some legal and free downloads for classic books in the public domain such as stuff from Jane Austen, etc.

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