You Blockhead


(image via Wikimedia Commons)

You know, I can be a block head sometimes. Sometimes my lack of attention to detail comes back to bite me in the butt, and not in a good way. Let me explain.

I have had late night ice hockey games the last two nights, and we got beat pretty bad the first game. So bad, in fact, that I decided to go up to my attic and pull out my “broken” skates, just to see if I could try them out for one more game. I figured that maybe they weren’t as broken as I thought. I missed those old skates. My new skates feel like a pair of rowboats strapped to my feet compared to my old ones.

The broken ones were actually not in bad shape. I even made a modification to the one that was “more broken” using a bit of wood from one of those wooden paint-stirrers and some tape. After that I only had to transfer my laces from the new ones to the newly fixed broken ones.

This is where the block-headiness comes into play. As I looked at my new skates I noticed they were size 11.5, a full size than what I wear. To make matters worse, the rule of thumb is you should wear skates a size smaller than you wear in regular shoes. So, I’ve been skating in skates 1-2 sizes bigger than I need. No wonder they feel like boats!

Anyhow, I wound up wearing the broken skates and my patchwork held pretty well.  I even scored a goal, which has been all too rare this season.  My team still lost our game, but it was a much closer contest.

*Sigh*, I can be dense sometimes.


9 thoughts on “You Blockhead

  1. I too play hockey and have found that after all these years that I have become very anal in what I do and how I do it. I guess it is not so much paying attention to detail as it is the “if is isn’t broken” rule. Of course many would say its fear of change, but as you well know, if it don’t feel right – it ain’t right, no matter what you do to alter it. That being said, until my gear literally explodes it doesn’t get replaced. Nuh uh. Not ever. LOL.

    I would go on about something that happened at a tournament in Vegas, but thank god that what happens there stays there. Of course it hasn’t prevented those knowing looks I get in the locker room whenever I reach for the sock tape. Uh. ‘Nuf said.

    Good luck for the remainder of the season and I look forward to reading more about your writing.

  2. OK – so who bought the new skates for you? Was it the blockhead? ;o) Don’t worry, I do things like this all the time. It’s part of getting older. sigh.

  3. J.C. – that all makes sense. I even hate getting my skates sharpened, because that first game after is always rough.

    Ello = so blockheadiness is a feature of getting older kinda like thinning hair and hatred of the young kid’s music? Great.

    Diane – with ice skates, the tighter the better, though when the feet go numb, they are probably tight enough 🙂

  4. I love ice skating. I personally can’t balance, but every year I try.
    I have had both my boys in ice skating lessons, hoping for something close to a player. Oh well.

    When I saw the b&w photo of the skates, I smiled.

    Hope you had fun!!

  5. Wait, don’t you have a little one? Potty training? Crawling out of her crib? Welcome to Parent Brain!! I think your blockheadedness is 100% justified and I laud you on skating. I have no sense of balance, so it’s impossible for me.

  6. Amusing from here. Hope you can get your skates straight.

    Once upon a time, I used to take figure skating lessons (for years). I recall quite clearly why I quit, new ice skates, attempting to break in that lovely leather that felt like it was molded steel, digging and cutting into my feet. Even stopping felt new and uncertain on those blades. (and as I struggled in pain I remembered “I have no desire to be a figure skater”)

  7. I love ice skating, but have only played ice hockey once. Wow. That is an insane amount of work. Plus, after the puck ricocheting off my unpadded shin a few times, I was ready to retire…

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