Simon’s Cat

Just a follow-up to my hockey post on Friday. I had a game Sunday night and scored a hat trick (3 goals), doubling my goal total for the entire season. Maybe I should’ve made the skate switch sooner!

I have a pretty cool blog post planned (liveblog of my day yesterday alone with my daughter), but I’m not going to have it finished for today. I’m getting all twitchy that I haven’t posted anything since Friday, so I give you this hilarious cartoon of a cat. Trust me, you’ll like it.

8 thoughts on “Simon’s Cat

  1. I’ve just seen it the other day.
    Nice, nice.
    That cat is quite realistic.
    This is about them that makes me a dog-person 😛

  2. Reminds me a lot of my cat. He is offended by any shut door, whether he is shut in or shut out. If you wish to keep a door shut, you will soon find, that he will take turns crying to get in, and then to get out, and look at you like “what?” when you open the door and expect him to go through. For he doesn’t want to go through, he wants it to be open. He is the same way about food in his dish (hungry, not hungry, is not the point, the point is you must keep food in his dish at all times). Cats like options.

    Cheese watched the video over my shoulder, he enjoyed this too.

  3. SzélsőFa – yeah, this type of thing would make one a dog person 🙂

    Taffiny – my parent’s cats are the same way. it can be maddening on a cold day

    Julie Rose – I didn’t know San Jose had an 11 game winning streak. The Pens are playing well, but not 11 in a row well

    freeandflawed- thanks! I was overdue

    Rob – it’s a good feeling, expecially because I haven’t scored many this season

    Absolute Vanilla – thanks!

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