Terry Pratchett Donates $1 Million

Did you all see that Terry Pratchett donated $1 million dollars to Alzheimer’s research? I guess if anything good can come out of his struggle with the disease is that there is now a public and powerful ally for the disease. There have been some interviews with Mr. Pratchett posted in the past week. Here is a link to an interview in The Sun.

My GP is helpful and patient but I don’t have a specialist locally. The NHS kindly allow me to buy my own Aricept, a drug used to treat Alzheimer’s, because I’m too young to have it for free.

That’s a situation I’m OK with in a I-want-to-kick-a-politician-in-the-teeth kind of way.

He’s also mentioned he’s already started to feel the affects of the disease. How incredibly sad.

There is a web site created, Match It For Pratchett, to raise money for Alzheimer’s research. I’ve put a badge on the right side of the blog there that links directly to the site. I hope you all do the same if you can.

Here’s a link to an awesome short story by Mr. Pratchett called Troll Bridge.

Here’s one last quote from Terry Pratchett, an honest look at what he’s dealing with in my opinion.

I’d like a chance to die like my father did — of cancer at 86.

Before he went to spend his last two weeks in a hospice, he was bustling around the house fixing things. He talked to us until the last few days, knowing who we were and who he was.

Right now I envy him. And there are thousands like me, except that they don’t get heard.”