Tardis Arcade Console

This was just too good to pass up. Someone created a replica of Doctor Who’s Tardis and built a Mame (Arcade emulator) inside it. I want this sooo bad.


Image via Tardis MAME Console

Not only is it a great reproduction of the Tardis, but you can play Pac Man inside. If I had this thing I doubt I would ever write again, and I think that would be ok. 🙂

Oh, I can’t wait for Series 4 of Doctor Who in April.


7 thoughts on “Tardis Arcade Console

  1. I love Doctor Who. I was really glad that you put that post up about it, otherwise, I may have never watched it! I watched a season finale one, and it was really sad, because he couldn’t see Rose again! Does the Doctor change then?

  2. Well, I’m back and I have been catching up with all your news. Glad you are enjoying the writing group.

    I have to tell you that I taped ‘The Colour of Magic’ and will be watching it tonight. I shall send you a report when I have seen it 🙂

  3. Really? I like this doctor. Yeah, I was watching that episode when I was sick, so my watering eyes just became more watery. It’s amazingly good. Do you know when in April? I’ll autotune it. Ah, I love technology.

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