Sorry for my absence today. I meant to post and then got called home by my wife because she needed help taking care of our daughter. I hadn’t mentioned this yet, but last week my wife and daughter were involved in a car accident only 3 blocks from our house. They were hit by a guy pulling out from a parking space, doing $6,000 damages to our car (which will be paid in full by his insurance).

They are luckily both OK, but my wife has been having back pain, which came to a peak today. Finally, they gave her some pain meds, and she is doing some physical therapy, so hopefully her pain will diminish. I’ve taken some pictures of the car, and may post one when they are downloaded. We’ll see. Obviously we are very lucky no one was badly hurt.

Anyhow, expect a regular post from me tomorrow. I promise 🙂 Thanks for sticking with me.