Sorry for my absence today. I meant to post and then got called home by my wife because she needed help taking care of our daughter. I hadn’t mentioned this yet, but last week my wife and daughter were involved in a car accident only 3 blocks from our house. They were hit by a guy pulling out from a parking space, doing $6,000 damages to our car (which will be paid in full by his insurance).

They are luckily both OK, but my wife has been having back pain, which came to a peak today. Finally, they gave her some pain meds, and she is doing some physical therapy, so hopefully her pain will diminish. I’ve taken some pictures of the car, and may post one when they are downloaded. We’ll see. Obviously we are very lucky no one was badly hurt.

Anyhow, expect a regular post from me tomorrow. I promise 🙂 Thanks for sticking with me.


9 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. I used to have pains in my back, but not due to an accident. I went to physico-therapy too and it all went away. I hope it will help your wife, too!

  2. I’m so glad they they’re okay! I had a back injury and also went to physical therapy. It really does help. Teaches you ways to strengthen your core to take pressure off the back.

    Whenever, I feel a twinge, I plop down and do the workouts I learned there. If I were good, I’d do them all the time… 😉

  3. Oh my goodness, this is horrible. Thank goodness everybody was OK. You must have had a heart attack when you heard the news. I hope your wife’s back continues to improve. It’s no fun lugging a child around when your back is sore, that’s for sure.

  4. Dude! so sorry about that! I hope your wife feels better. I have had 3 car accidents in my life and my back is completely screwed because of them. I know the pain. I feel it for her. I’m so glad your daughter was not hurt. Thank God!

  5. Thanks everyone. The back is still hurting her, but the pain meds help a little. Unfortunately with the little one around she has no time to properly rest her back.

    Thanks for all the well wishes! 🙂

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