I Build Stuff


My father-in-law gave my daughter the most excellent train table for Christmas this year.  That’s it in the picture above (picture from the manufacturers web site). Since it was pretty big, even unassembled, we weren’t able to bring it home until this weekend. Two nights ago I had the pleasure of putting the thing together, aided at the end by my wife.

The table itself was pretty simple to construct. Just some hex bolts, one of those little hex wrenches, and some mdf. I had it assembled in an hour, and that was all while I was watching the hockey game on TV. The hard part came in assembling the train track.

The directions had a tiny picture with the track all laid out nicely, and with the parts all labeled with letters and numbers. Of course the real life tracks did not have these codes, so we had to guess which piece of track went where. Now I don’t want to say I became frustrated, but if you ever visit me and see teeth marks on the wooden tracks, and a mark on the wall where the track may or may not have been flung, please don’t think less of me 🙂 . Luckily my wife was there to calmly step in and finish the job.

Anyhow, it was a great gift and my daughter was so surprised to find “her table” when she woke in the morning. Now if we could just keep her from climbing it when we leave the room…

4 thoughts on “I Build Stuff

  1. Wah, this looks like Brio! Kiko loves this stuff. His friend has loads of it but she doesn’t have the table yet. Do you know you can get Brio type trains and tracks from IKEA? My mum and dad gave Kiko a set for Christmas but we had to leave it in UK. They’re going to bring it with them when they next visit Australia, and I’ll be excited to play with it – I don’t know about him!

  2. What fun that is!

    I remember buying my eldest a wonderful climbing frame thing all made out of plastic tubes and it took us ages to assemble it on Christmas Eve. The next morning Alex had huge fun playing with…..the box it came in.

  3. My husband still gets all misty “ah the good old days” whenever we pass the Thomas the tank engine section of a toy store. We have all sorts of tracks and trains, et. cetera in our basement, but we never did get “The Table” (though we thought about getting one often enough). It looks really cool. I hope you have many wonderful years playing with it together.

    We have an unwritten rule about putting things together, together in our house. It seems no one person can handle the frustration alone. ( whether it be, grills, furniture, computer stuff).

    That must have been so cute, her little face, when she woke up and the table was all put together.

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