Let’s Go to Work

Thanks for the comments yesterday. I’ll get to replying to them tomorrow. I don’t have much time today as I’m home taking care of my wife who is feeling a little under the weather. In the meantime, I leave you with a picture.

Saturday my wife was getting ready for a baby shower and I was watching my daughter. My daughter walked into the other room, put on my wife’s shoes and said, “I go to work.” Of course, I took a picture.

Random Stuff and Such

First of all, please head over to Be A Good Dad and check out my book review. This week I review Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You? by Dr. Seuss. It’s one of my favorite Seuss books. Also, I’ll be posting over there every Tuesday, so stop by. Comments are welcome as always. 🙂 Really, though, I just hope you enjoy reading about some good children’s books.

Now for the fun stuff. Mellifluous Dark tagged me for a meme, so I figured I’d give that a whirl.

The rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag 7 people at the the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to your blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Here we go…

  1. I always put my left shoe on first. It just feels weird doing it the other way around. Same with my hockey skates. Always left first.
  2. When I was little, I asked my parents what state we lived in and they told me Pennsylvania. This shocked me and scared me a little bit, as I worried we lived in the same place as Dracula (Transylvania).
  3. I hate elevators. I have been trapped a few times, once for 15 minutes, and therefore avoid them at all costs. I have confronted this fear a bit recently, but I still get nervous when I have to ride an elevator.
  4. I have owned every Nintendo console ever produced (not including the handhelds) except for the Wii, which I hope to one day acquire. I still have all my game systems, too. I never throw anything away.
  5. I grew up in a very small, rural town. I only had 89 people in my graduating class, and that was considered big. One bad thing about a small school is that if you gain a reputation in first grade, chances are it follows you all the way to twelfth grade. Try getting a date to the prom when you are known as “the paste eater”.
  6. My first car, a 1973 Beetle, had a malfunctioning gas gauge, among other malfunctioning things. For the first year that I owned the car, I really had no idea how much gas I had in the tank. I fixed it after being stranded driving home from a workout one summer. I loved that car, but don’t miss its “personality”.
  7. I used to set up “boobie traps” in the woods in my back yard to entrap my neighbor. We put a string with an apple on it at eye level between two trees and had a trip-wire at foot level. When he was walking through the woods and saw the apple he would trip on the wire and the apple would fall and land on his head. Yes, I was negatively influenced by The Goonies.

Ok, I’m supposed to tag people because it’s in the rules, and I hate to break the rules. If I tag you and you don’t want to take part, that’s OK too. I promise I won’t cry (too much)

  1. Rob
  2. Diane
  3. Helen
  4. Christine
  5. Michelle
  6. Hoodie
  7. Novembrance

More Beardy

Well, here’s this week’s picture of my playoff beard. Beautiful, isn’t it? Seeing as how I field daily pleas from my wife and daughter to “shave it off” I’m guessing it’s less than beautiful. Oh well. It is working, though. The Pittsburgh Penguins have yet to lose in the playoffs, and have a two games to none lead on the New York Rangers in their best of seven series. I may be growing this beard until June!

I had a pretty good weekend. I got outside and got rid of a bunch of leaves in the yard and then mowed the lawn for the first time this year. It has rained almost constantly since. I’ll probably have to mow again soon. Argh.

We painted out kitchen yesterday, which is huge for us. We’ve lived in our house for around four years and almost all of our walls are still white. At the urging of my wife, we finally went to the home store and picked up some paint. It looks nice. My wife, the artist, will be happy to have some color in our lives.

I had another hockey game Sunday night and scored another two goals. The one was an attempted pass that hit a defenseman and went in the net, but the other one was a pretty nice play in which I beat the goalie five-hole on a backhand. My last game is Wednesday night, but I don’t want the season to end because I’m on a roll. In fact, I’m not sure I’ve ever felt this good on the ice.

Finally, I leave you with a picture my wife took of our daughter before all the rain came. This one is from the flower garden in our front yard. Most of the tulips have survived the rain, but the daffodils had all their petals knocked off. Oh well.

Money and Stimulus Packages?

I received my “stimulus package” from the U.S. government direct deposited into my bank account today (well, it will technically be there Monday). For those of you who don’t know, the stimulus package is the name our government is giving their program to stimulate out economy, not some device you buy in an adult shop.

We got a pretty nice chunk of money (above $1,000), but in reality it was our money anyhow. What I want to spend the money on is a Nintendo Wii and some games. What I’m going to spend the money on is to pay off the credit card from Christmas. I hate being a grownup sometimes 😦

Will the stimulus package help the economy? Maybe it will give it a slight bump. Until we can get the gas prices under control, which is making everything go up in cost, I think the economy is still going to be a mess.

Also, you may notice a “possible related posts” section at the bottom of some of my posts. This isn’t created by me. It’s a new thing from WordPress. Click at your own risk (especially ones with the words stimulus package in the title)

Sometimes I like Me

Another hockey post coming.  Sorry.  It’s about more than hockey, though, so bear with me.

I had another ice hockey game last night, and had an absolute blast.  It was an intense game, fast paced, and I feel beat up this morning, but I also feel great.  The reason I feel so good is that after scoring two goals in my game last night, I hit my personal goal of ten goals for the season, and I still have three games to go.

Let me first state that ten goals isn’t a lot of goals in my league.  There are a select few guys in the league that can score ten goals in a weekend (though it can be argued they shouldn’t be in the league at all).  What makes me ten goals feel so good is that I’ve scored them all in the second half of the season here, and I finally feel like I’m playing some good hockey.

The first half of the season was rough for me. I missed games to attend my cousin’s wedding, my daughter wasn’t sleeping, and my Grandmother died.  I was playing sporadically, and poorly when I did play.  I don’t expect to be the best player in the league anymore, but I also don’t want to be terrible.  By the end of the first half of the season, I wasn’t having fun and was wondering if maybe I should stop playing altogether.  I always expected to get better as I played more and more, but felt my play was regressing.  I have to admit I was a little depressed because of it, even off the ice.

That’s why my little bit of success on the ice lately is so great.  It really is amazing what a little bit of confidence can do.  I can just feel I’m skating better, shooting the puck better, and playing better.  And, I’m having a lot of fun.  And…I think I’ll play one more year.

A Limerick

I wrote a silly limerick for a contest yesterday. I think it’s pretty funny. Here it is:

I have this great story idea
How caffeine is the best panacea
If you write it for me
I’ll split the profits with thee
While you do that I’ll eat a tortilla

Ahem. Anyhow, I thought it was funny.

My daughter has been skipping naps lately.  This is bad for my wife, but does give us some free time in the evenings since our daughter has been falling asleep at 8:30 rather than 10:00.  Yesterday I was able to watch a bit of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game and even do some working out in my “gym” in the basement.

I tried to take it slow in my “workout”, as I haven’t been able to lift weights as much as I had before my daughter was born.  Just to prove my manliness, though, as I entered the basement I vanquished a spider that was nearly the size of a small cat.  I hate to kill spiders, but I don’t need that thing crawling out of my hockey equipment when I’m getting ready for a game.  Something about squealing like a little girl/boy might not be inspiring to my teammates.

I felt pretty good working out last night, even though I was much weaker than I was a couple years ago.  It will take a while to get back to where I was, but I’ll get there. I’m pretty sore today.

Sunny again today in my neighborhood.  How are things with you?

Nice to See the Sun

We had a lovely day yesterday in Pennsylvania. Really, any day when it isn’t raining or snowing, and the little round disc in the sky decides to peek its head out is a good day for us. We don’t get a lot of those, and coming off a cold winter, it feels like we never see the sun.

It was so nice yesterday, I walked to my polling place to vote in Pennsylvania’s primary pushing and brought my daughter with me. We had a lovely walk looking at all the spring flowers, cardinals, and other sights as I pushed her in the stroller. I even let her push the big red button to confirm my voting choices when we got there. I tried to get her to say “I’m voting for Obama”, but she was too shy 🙂 .

Obama didn’t win Pennsylvania, losing by 9%, but it’s still near impossible for Hillary to pick up more delegates than Obama. The way these things work, the winner of the state doesn’t get all the available delegates if they win the state. They get a share. So, after “winning big” in Pennsylvania, Hillary only picked up 10 more delegates than Obama. Even better, Obama didn’t win many counties in Pennsylvania, but did win my county by a pretty big margin.

Enough about politics. Have you seen the cover for the upcoming Weezer album? I’m a huge Weezer fan, and I have to say this is awesome. Here it is:

On the writing front, I’m beginning work on Chapter 4 of the novel. I had my writing group the other day and am energized with all the feedback given to me by my group. They are excited to see where the story is going, which makes me excited. Also, one of the members has young boys who are also reading along, and they are into it as well. It’s nice to know my target audience is enjoying my writing.

A Big Day

Today is the big day today in Pennsylvania. After weeks of huge buildup, we finally get to vote in the primary. This will be the first time in a long time that Pennsylvania’s primary results will actually mean something, as in yours past the presidential nomination has been decided well in advance of the state.

Just to illustrate how big this has been, let me tell you this. I work at a university, and in the past three weeks we have had visits from Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Ron Paul, and Barack Obama. Do you think any of these people would’ve come here if not for the upcoming election? Of course not. Our phone has also been ringing off the hook the past week with automated phone calls from all sorts of political groups. It will be nice when that is over.

Anyhow, I look forward to casting my vote for Barack Obama tonight after work. I believe he is the best choice to lead this country in the right direction. I actually don’t think he’s going to win Pennsylvania tonight, but all he needs to do is make it close since he has such a huge lead in delegates already.

Today is a big day for another reason. My first column is now up at Be A Good Dad. It’s going to be a weekly column titled the Sippy Cup Book of the Week. I’m going to be reviewing kids books over there and maybe creating a few laughs. If you have time, please check it out and let me know what you think. Any feedback is appreciated. Here is a link directly to my post.

I joked yesterday about increasing my readership with my picture, but it really happened.  I had the highest hit count yesterday than I have had in a while.  I guess I need to post more pictures of my daughter.

Finally, yesterday was my 700th post here.  Can you believe it?  That’s absolutely amazing to me.  Thanks for reading, because without you I doubt I would take the time to write my thoughts here.

Beard Update – With Pictures!

I hope you all had a nice weekend. Mine was good, but busy. If you haven’t done so, check out the comment section of the Playoff Beard Update post. My wife left a pretty funny comment (spurred by Helen’s funny comment) and I’m sure she would like to hear from all of you. She already said to me, “I like Diane and Helen” after reading their comment.

Anyhow, my wife has encouraged me to post a picture to show you all the progress of my beard. I’m sure my readership will increase ten-fold after everyone sees this smashing photo. Note that there is more beard than there appears. For some reason, the darn thing still comes in blonde, even though I’m clearly dark haired. Also note the tired eyes, the sign of a true parent.

Here is my daughter’s reaction to my beard:

Everyone’s a critic, I tell ya!