It’s Officially Spring


Yesterday was the official start of the baseball season for my beloved Pittsburgh Pirates. It officially feels like Spring to me. It helps that the flowers are beginning to peak out of the dirt and the temperatures are above freezing. Oh, and it’s raining.

I’m excited about the baseball season, even though the Pirates haven’t had a season in which they won more games than the lost in fifteen years (half my life!). For one, they won a crazy wild game last night against the Braves 12-11. More importantly, it gives my Dad and I something to talk about on the phone.

This will be the first baseball season since my Grandma passed away. She became a Pirates fan later in life and knew the players better than I! Honestly. I’m not just talking about the stars. She knew the guys that rarely played, the guys that rode the pine the whole game. I would talk to her on the phone maybe a couple times a month and eventually the topic would always turn to baseball and the Pirates, and her favorites on the team. She always though they were so close to finally be a winning team again.

My Dad sent a nice email to the Pirates about what a big fan my Grandma was and how they had lost such a big fan.  They wrote a brief but nice reply.  I’m sure we were both thinking about her as we watched the game last night.  I’m sure she had a better view than we had.

So for at least a day, the Pirates have a winning record. Maybe this is the year Grandma.


8 thoughts on “It’s Officially Spring

  1. I have no love for baseball, but I do love the movie Field of Dreams, and this is a very lovely post. I’m glad it was a great game, hope your grandma enjoyed it (from her skybox seats) 🙂

    Yes it is important to have something to talk about with our dads on the phone. (my dad has admitted that sometimes he feels like calling me, but then doesn’t because he can’t think of anything to say, of anything for us to talk about)

  2. Such a sweet post…. Thanks for sharing this with us!

    I’m not much of a baseball fan, but I love the idea of loving baseball. 🙂

  3. I echo what the others have said – a very nice post indeed. My dad never answers the phone if he can avoid it, he hates talking on the phone and if he has to talk (for instance when I have called to wish him happy birthday) he says the bare minimum and then hurriedly passes the phone over to my mum (who can talk for England!)

    Our team, (a football team – Manchester United) won the European Champions League a few years ago. My husband and sons had joined some other male friends and their sons for a boys outing to Barcelona to watch the match so I was watching it on my own 😦
    I was so excited we had won, I called my dad and we had a great, long chat discussing the match – fantastic!

  4. Your grandmother will have the best seat in the house – or out of the house!
    Haven’t watched a game of baseball in a thousand years – it’s not a big sport here though a thousand moons ago I had a boyfriend who played the game and loved it. 🙂

  5. Taffiny – Field of Dreams is a favorite of ours as well 🙂

    writinggb – thanks!

    SzélsőFa – thanks to you!

    Diane – my parents talk on speaker phone when I call and usually my mom talks and my Dad only chimes in now and then. That’s cool about your Manchester United discussion with your father.

    Absolute Vanilla – 🙂

  6. How wonderful that he sent that letter . . . and that they wrote back! I just can’t get into baseball, but I think about my dad the same way every time I watch a football game.

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