Skates Broken Again

Just a quick little update on my hockey equipment and the disrepair it’s in.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I switched back to my old hockey skates after a little home repair and have also mentioned I’ve been much more successful since.  Well, the stupid things broke again today while I was playing and I spent half the game wondering if the blade (the metal part you skate on) was going to snap off and cause me to break an ankle.

Well, I made it through the game, and now I face a dilemma. I have a game tomorrow night. I can either skate on them, since I broke out the “Super Glue” and fixed them when I got home.  Or I can spend $100+ dollars I don’t have on new skates.  Or, I can wear the ones that are too big.  I think I’m going to use the fixed skates one more time, and hope I don’t injure myself.  If I do, I guess my next post will be from the hospital.

5 thoughts on “Skates Broken Again

  1. Ooh, I don’t trust superglue…in my experience it’s anything but. Be careful – can’t you wear too -big boots with two pairs of extra thick socks?
    Whatever, take care and watch those ankles. Hope you win.

  2. Absolute Vanilla – I think I’m motivated more by performance and cost 🙂

    freeandflawed – thanks. I survived. 🙂

    Diane – the superglue didn’t hold up the whole game. I didn’t hurt myself, though.

    Vesper – it went pretty well. At least I scored a goal

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