Wikimedia Commons

Things are going well with me. I’m nearly finished with revisions for Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 of my novel, at which time I will send them to my writing group and start revisions on Chapter 3, which I’m excited about. Physically, my lungs are in as good of shape as they have been in a while, with all the hockey I’m playing. My legs are extremely sore, though. As far as professional sports go, the Pirates stink as usual and the Penguins start the playoffs tomorrow against Ottawa. Exciting!

As you may have noticed, I’ve been displaying more pictures around here lately. You may be wondering where I get them. For the most part, I’ve been getting them from Wikimedia Commons, which is a great place for photographs in the public domain. Check out their Featured Pictures or simply search for something you want to see. I loved the picture below, which I found in the Featured Pictures section.

Here is a high-res version of the image

Check it out. There is some really cool stuff there. I even found an image I would absolutely LOVE for the cover of my novel.

11 thoughts on “Wikimedia Commons

  1. Vesper – I love this picture and there is a higher resolution version at wikimedia commons.

    I’m reluctant to post the novel picture here because I don’t want anyone to steal the idea. However, if you want I could send you a link in email. Just let me know.

  2. Glad you are doing so well, and on so many different fronts!

    I suppose I should go there, I usually use my own photos, but have been nicking a few off the web as of late. (best to use public domain ones instead)

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