Crazy Hockey and A New Gig for Me

Boys choosing sides for hockey on Sarnia Bay, [Ont.], 29 Dec., 1908.

I played in a crazy hockey game last night in my adult league. Yes, I switched back to the skates that are a size too big for me. I’d rather deal with that than have the blade snap off while I was playing. The skates weren’t too bad really, since I tied them really tight. The idea skate tightness level of a skate is just before the point where your feet get numb.

So yeah, the game was crazy. The final score was 14-9! My team only had eight skaters (5 play on the ice at a time), and we play 60 minutes straight without any breaks, so I did a lot of skating. It was fun, but I’m a little beat this morning. I did score a goal, which gives me eight for the season. I’m hoping to get to ten. I feel much more confident on the ice lately, which makes playing a lot more fun.

The playoff beard is going well, only slightly itchy. We’ll see if I can get some pictures.

There is going to be more Daddyness over at Be A Good Dad, and I’m going to be one of the Daddies! Mike offered the chance and I gladly accepted. I was able to choose whatever topic I wanted to write about and I chose children’s book reviews, because we read to our daughter so much. I will have a weekly post there and I’ll let you know what it’s posted. The reviews should be fun and also let you parents know about some good kids books. I will be operating on the five sippy cup scale (1 sippy cup is bad, five sippy cups is good).


7 thoughts on “Crazy Hockey and A New Gig for Me

  1. I love the notion of rec leagues, guys who love the game emulating their heroes (who are twenty years and thirty pounds lighter), wheeling about the ice, pretending to be Bobby Orr. Love playing with my sons and nephews whenever we can get a driveway or street game going.

    And it’s playoff season, though my Bruins will be out in four and I’m not expecting to see Calgary make it to the end either. Ah, well, I love the smash-mouth style of the Ducks and should the Habs ever advance that far, they’ll get KILLED (which will make my spring).

    Thanks for this…

  2. Cliff – thanks for commenting. I love a good game of driveway/street hockey too! That’s where I learned to play in fact.

    I’d be cool with the Bruins advancing. That would be good for hockey. My team is the Pens, and I’m hoping they can at least make it out of round 1 this year.

  3. Glad you decided to go with the beard!

    Have you read the Boynton book called “Doggies” to your daughter? That is so cute. My ten-year-old still likes it (though it’s not like he advertises the fact!)

  4. Glad you went with the big skates rather than the broken skates! Also glad the beard isn’t giving you too much grief (yet!)

    Great news about the Daddiness – great idea!And perfect for you 🙂

    I’m liking the pictures you are using on your blog these days – they look great!

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