I Don’t Know About Us

Image:Barn raising in Lansing.jpg

Some times my heart is troubled. There’s no other way to say it.

There are the stories that make me doubt humanity, such as the one that is barely getting any mention in the press, the one about national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, Vice President Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Secretary of State Colin Powell, CIA Director George Tenet and Attorney General John Ashcroft, and how they approved torture during dozens of top-secret talks and meetings in the White House. These people should have to pay for their crimes against humanity, but they won’t. That makes me sad. “History will not judge this kindly” indeed.

Then there are stories that give me hope, such as the one printed in my local newspaper today about the Amish family who lost their dairy barn last Thursday and about how the Amish community is nearly finished constructing a new barn only a week later. According to the article, “..the equipment that was lost was covered by insurance, but word of the destroyed barn spread quickly through the local Amish community. Hundreds of volunteers traveled to the farm from Thursday to Saturday to clear debris, put together the frames and lay cement block walls for 51 stalls and a milk room that will go below the new barn.”

So yes, us humans are an interesting lot. We have the capacity to treat each other so poorly and yet also are able to treat each other with such compassion. It is up to each of us to choose which path we want to take. Me, I choose compassionl.


7 thoughts on “I Don’t Know About Us

  1. My belief is that the vast majority of people are good, it is only a small minority that actively does bad. Unfortunately, these people are drawn to positions of power. I hope there will be a big change in the world soon, especially where leadership is concerned.

    I am so interested in the Amish! I heard once that the reason they don’t have telephones (apart from the technological aspect) is that they don’t like to be gathered with friends and the phone ring and they have to interrupt the conversation to talk on the phone – it’s so rude and artificial. I liked that attitude, even though like most people nowadays we have a landline and a mobile phone each. I could quite easily leave in world without phones.

  2. There’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t get covered by the press. And then, when you find out about it, it makes you absolutely sick. Like the thing with Condolezza and Cheney. It does make me sad. But then, you have the people who counter them, and keep the world a better place. That Amish story makes me feel really good. Confident that the world isn’t completely full of bad people. Thank you for posting this. It makes me feel better.

  3. This is a lovely post. I too get into these same moments of fearing for humanity and then being uplifted by it. It is a strange world we live in. But I firmly believe in karmic energy and by living our life by putting out as much good karma then we shall reap the rewards of the good that returns.

  4. Helen – I believe the vast majority of people are good. However, sometimes the “good” people stick to the silent majority, and I think that needs to change.

    The Amish are quite interesting. I live very close to Amish Country and have driven through there many times. It is quite a sight to see Amish buggies alongside automobiles on the road.

    Diane – ‘Do as you would be done by’ – so true, and that’s how I try to live as well.

    curbxstomp – Yeah, I always though Condolezza and Cheney were better than that, but they are the same as the rest. I’m glad I was able to help you feel a little better.

    Ello – thank you!

  5. A very thoughtful post, Paul.
    We all have experienced both ways of mankind.
    I think the word must be spread about acts of compassion and love so that those who are in doubt will know which way to start.

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