Playoff Beard Update

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Well, my Pittsburgh Penguins advanced to the second round of the playoffs, so the playoff beard will be around at least a few more weeks. It’s coming along nicely. Well, it’s growing nicely. It looks horrible, however. I look like an evil version of myself. My wife is not a big fan, to say the least 🙂

Anyhow, I sent an email on this subject to a few of my friends yesterday asking about the status of their beards. Their responses cracked me up, so I thought I’d share. Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Me: Hey guys,

How are the beards going? Mineʼs going strong,although I look right now like someone who shouldnʼt be allowed near small children. Hopefully it gets better!


I am looking like a skid row bum. Without my work uniform on, I would garner zero respect and much shame. And, based on the “10 rules” and the no trimming unless after a loss clause, my neck is as itchy as a muther. I do need input on the “no haircuts either” clause- should I cancel my trim on Monday or go ahead and risk dooming the Pens?

Me: Joe,

That made me laugh. Excellent. I think you can trim if they win tonight. We’ll make that amendment. Also, I will not be abiding by the no haircut rule. That seems totally arbitrary and added on by the author of the list. You can do what you want, though. If you are worried, though, get it now as you say.

George: Hey guys,

My beard is in full swing with it’s fuzzy, itchiness. I don’t remember signing up for the gray whiskers though, I have several of them.

I think the haircut/trim is allowed. We’re focusing on the beard only, right? Although, watch the sideburns when you get the haircut. Keep those intact!

My 4 month old, although he can’t grow a beard, has been supporting the Pens. He wears his Pittsburgh Penguins onesie on game days.

So, maybe we are a little superstitious. Still, it’s these little conversations over email that keep us connected. George, his wife, and baby son came over to our house last night to watch the game. We had a great time. Yay beards!


14 thoughts on “Playoff Beard Update

  1. Um, excuse me – maybe you didn’t get the memo. The Habs are taking the cup this year. **ducks to avoid being hit by virtual thrown objects** 😉

    Haha. I enjoyed the beard update. Keep us posted!

  2. Diane – The Habs are the Montreal Canadians. You will have to ask Shari why that is their nickname. The Pens are the Pittsburgh Penguins, my favorite team.

    The last game of the playoffs last season was June 4th. If it lasts that long I will surely be sleeping on the couch.

  3. But are your wives saying: “Yay beards”?? I read this post last night then said to Kiko’s Daddy: “Struggling Writer is growing a beard.” This look of complete horror crossed his face, then he said: “Oh.” A moment later he goes: “I thought Struggling Writer was a woman?” HEH! Now that would be truly remarkable! By the way, the beard of red-haired guy at the far end of the photo is definitely the beard to aspire to.

  4. Hello! Here is my input. I do not say “Yay beards”, I say “Nay beards”. I offered a proposition this morning for a guaranteed 2xs for relations/week if he shaved. AND, I threatened taking away that benefit entirely, but that did not deter his enthusiasm for the great porcupine growing on his chin. Oh well, maybe I should threaten not to do his laundry or fold and put away his clothes. Hmm. Any thoughts, girls?

    On the other hand, I’m from Pittsburgh, and I’ve loved the Penguins since birth. I even bought with money I made at my part-time job in H.S. (which took about 20 hours to earn) a old school Penguins black hoodie, but the screenprinting didn’t survive the many washings it had. I even had my family go to T.G.I.F. after I graduated 8th grade so I could watch a playoff game with Mario and Jagr playing. I also went to a lot of games in college. But, I do not need to grow my hair to support the team. Maybe, Mr. Stuggling Writer can do a hook n’latch yarn penguins picture like I did in elementary school to support them, or only ask for Penguin stuff for his birthday. 🙂

    – Sincerely,
    Mrs. Struggling Writer

  5. Dear Mrs SW

    Maybe he could wear a stick on beard just to watch matches.

    A real one could potentially be down to his waist by June 4th…he would look like one of the Soggy Bottom Boys in ‘Oh Brother Where Art Thou?’ Sorry, Paul, but even my hero George Clooney didn’t look good with a beard that long!

  6. Thank you, thank you for this post. I have been a Dr. Who fan since SciFi started running it in the early 80’s. The funny thing is that this current run is by far the best. When I thought, I don’t like David Tennant much, it was short lived. Now I watch an older one with Chris and think, “He’s no David”. I appreciate the interview~!

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  8. Love that..”I thought Struggling Writer was a woman?”, I think the neighbors heard me laughing.

    Mrs. SW, you should have treated that black hoodie the way a male teenager would have, worn it often but never washed it, then the logo would have stayed intact.

    Speaking of which, if you stop doing his wash, will he do it himself, or will you end up having a bad smelling crumpled clothed husband with a beard?

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