New Doctor Who Tonight!

After much anticipation, we are finally getting to see new Doctor Who episodes in the United States on the SciFi channel. I’m so excited. This will be the first time I’ve watched a new episode on television, rather on DVD, so that will be weird.

Also, I take it we aren’t seeing Series 4 Episode 1 tonight. Rather, we’re getting the Christmas special, Voyage of the Damned, the one with Kylie Minogue. It’s Christmas in April!

To make me ever more excited, I did a Doctor Who search in WordPress yesterday and came across a cool blog, Irregular Bones, which had posted a youtube interview of David Tennant and Catherine Tate had on Jonathan Ross‘s Show. I thought I’d post them here as well.

Part 1:

Part 2:

I’ll be taping tonight’s episode for my wife, who has to work tonight.  I’ll probably watch it with her when she gets home.  Anyone else pumped?


9 thoughts on “New Doctor Who Tonight!

  1. I’m a bad Who fan…I haven’t even watched the 2nd ep yet. I just feel so meh about Life After Rose. See, yeah, I’m one of THOSE fans. I never watched growing up, so my first introduction to Who was the Ninth Doctor (whom I adored) and the Rose story arc. I know, there’s a lot of Who purists who don’t like her, but I really did. Sigh.

    I’m more of a Torchwood addict these days. Not the world’s best-written show, but it’s shiny and fun, and Gwen kicks butt. It’s like the X-Files meets Key West or something.

  2. Julie K. Rose – all is forgiven 🙂 The first Doctor I’ve seen is David Tennant, the 10th and current Doctor, so I’m partial to him. I enjoyed Rose’s character, especially as the season went on. She should be appearing in this new series at some point.

  3. For me the next episode of Dr Who is tomorrow night and it’s the third episode of the series – I can’t wait! Hope you enjoy the Christmas special – I thought it was quite a good one when I saw it. =)

  4. I’ve still never seen a single episode of Dr. Who, and I feel like I need to hand in my geek card because of that, so I’ve finally taken the first step and grabbed the first season of the current series. I’ll be watching the first episode tomorrow while recovering from the dentist.

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