Nice to See the Sun

We had a lovely day yesterday in Pennsylvania. Really, any day when it isn’t raining or snowing, and the little round disc in the sky decides to peek its head out is a good day for us. We don’t get a lot of those, and coming off a cold winter, it feels like we never see the sun.

It was so nice yesterday, I walked to my polling place to vote in Pennsylvania’s primary pushing and brought my daughter with me. We had a lovely walk looking at all the spring flowers, cardinals, and other sights as I pushed her in the stroller. I even let her push the big red button to confirm my voting choices when we got there. I tried to get her to say “I’m voting for Obama”, but she was too shy ๐Ÿ™‚ .

Obama didn’t win Pennsylvania, losing by 9%, but it’s still near impossible for Hillary to pick up more delegates than Obama. The way these things work, the winner of the state doesn’t get all the available delegates if they win the state. They get a share. So, after “winning big” in Pennsylvania, Hillary only picked up 10 more delegates than Obama. Even better, Obama didn’t win many counties in Pennsylvania, but did win my county by a pretty big margin.

Enough about politics. Have you seen the cover for the upcoming Weezer album? I’m a huge Weezer fan, and I have to say this is awesome. Here it is:

On the writing front, I’m beginning work on Chapter 4 of the novel. I had my writing group the other day and am energized with all the feedback given to me by my group. They are excited to see where the story is going, which makes me excited. Also, one of the members has young boys who are also reading along, and they are into it as well. It’s nice to know my target audience is enjoying my writing.

8 thoughts on “Nice to See the Sun

  1. My son and I love Weezer too-great cover.

    Glad you enjoyed your voting day – we have had sunshine today too.

    Your writing group seem to be really energizing you and filling you with confidence which is just as it should be. I am so glad you are getting such a positive, helpful response ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hey the sun was out, you have some good tunes to listen to and you got a chance to show your support for Obama…plus you ARE a good writer.

    The world IS pretty sweet when you think about it.

    Anita Marie

  3. A very enjoyable day… ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m not into politics but I feel you made the right choice. As for the book, what could be more uplifting than to see your words sparkle true interest in your readers? I’m glad for you!

  4. That is sooo cool about your writing group, and the boys reading along!!

    Oh the weather has been fantastic, they say it will be cooler here by the weekend, “No, no, no! I don’t want to go back!”, I have had my first taste of spring and here I wish to stay.

    Well Bob voted for Hill, so he was pleased. I’m independent so couldn’t vote, but I wouldn’t know who to vote for anyway. Looking at both of them, and also to the rep party, I’m not feeling anyone. It must be so nice to really believe in someone like you do in Obama.

    weeoohh I look just like Buddy Holly, on and island in the sun, beverly hills that’s where I want to be. (that’s all I got) ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Novembrance – It will be Ok. He’ll still get the nomination

    taffiny – I don’t want to cold weather either! My furnace hasn’t run in a week, and I like not burning any Natural Gas. Bonus points for that last sentence!

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