A Limerick

I wrote a silly limerick for a contest yesterday. I think it’s pretty funny. Here it is:

I have this great story idea
How caffeine is the best panacea
If you write it for me
I’ll split the profits with thee
While you do that I’ll eat a tortilla

Ahem. Anyhow, I thought it was funny.

My daughter has been skipping naps lately.  This is bad for my wife, but does give us some free time in the evenings since our daughter has been falling asleep at 8:30 rather than 10:00.  Yesterday I was able to watch a bit of the Pittsburgh Pirates baseball game and even do some working out in my “gym” in the basement.

I tried to take it slow in my “workout”, as I haven’t been able to lift weights as much as I had before my daughter was born.  Just to prove my manliness, though, as I entered the basement I vanquished a spider that was nearly the size of a small cat.  I hate to kill spiders, but I don’t need that thing crawling out of my hockey equipment when I’m getting ready for a game.  Something about squealing like a little girl/boy might not be inspiring to my teammates.

I felt pretty good working out last night, even though I was much weaker than I was a couple years ago.  It will take a while to get back to where I was, but I’ll get there. I’m pretty sore today.

Sunny again today in my neighborhood.  How are things with you?

8 thoughts on “A Limerick

  1. Eeek. Big spider 🙂

    Cavelogem writes about lifting weights, I think. He’s doing some core strength training program with free weights….

    Do you think your daughter is really giving up naps permanently? I recall that there were some blessings to that change in my son — we could do longer daytime activities without having to worry about fitting in a nap.

  2. Mine used have a nap – and be in bed asleep by 7.30 but that’s boys for you – can still sleep for England even 20 years later!

    Spiders – eek! Don’t blame you for squealing in the slightest. Nasty critters!

    Limerick is fun by the way….

  3. Limericks are so much fun.

    Yeah, we started losing the nap around 18mo, but my kids have never been good sleepers. It’s tough when the nap goes, but we just replaced it with afternoon movie time, so I still get a break. And YES you get your evenings back. Since my oldest wakes up at 6am (at least) no matter what time she goes to bed, she’s actually asleep each night at 7. Yep, I said 7. Evenings are awesome!

    Oh, and the spider . . . I like them better than the stuff they eat (uh, mosquitoes), but we’ll give you a pass on killing that one. Yeah, no girlie screams on the ice. 😉

  4. Diane – you’re lucky with the sleep thing. Thanks for liking my limerick. It made me laugh at least

    Michelle – I think I have one of those “ave never been good sleepers”. Lucky for her she’s cute 🙂

  5. The giving up naps thing doesn’t have to be permanent. I’ve gotten all five of my kids past that phase. Except for a couple of bumps in the road, like the kind you describe, they all napped well and consistently until kindergarten. Just my $0.02.

  6. Does the Leprechaun at the top of your post represent the current stage of your beard, Struggling Writer??

    Kiko didn’t have an afternoon sleep for a month just before he turned two. It killed me but I kept him in the routine just because I felt he needed that structure. After he turned two, he suddenly went back into having naps again. Now he usually has an hour during the day and goes to bed at 7pm which is absolutely lovely (he’s been waking up around 8am recently too, I shouldn’t talk about it or I’ll hex it!!) I really feel like he needs that sleep though. He’s horrible when he gets tired, not fit for anything.

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