Sometimes I like Me

Another hockey post coming.  Sorry.  It’s about more than hockey, though, so bear with me.

I had another ice hockey game last night, and had an absolute blast.  It was an intense game, fast paced, and I feel beat up this morning, but I also feel great.  The reason I feel so good is that after scoring two goals in my game last night, I hit my personal goal of ten goals for the season, and I still have three games to go.

Let me first state that ten goals isn’t a lot of goals in my league.  There are a select few guys in the league that can score ten goals in a weekend (though it can be argued they shouldn’t be in the league at all).  What makes me ten goals feel so good is that I’ve scored them all in the second half of the season here, and I finally feel like I’m playing some good hockey.

The first half of the season was rough for me. I missed games to attend my cousin’s wedding, my daughter wasn’t sleeping, and my Grandmother died.  I was playing sporadically, and poorly when I did play.  I don’t expect to be the best player in the league anymore, but I also don’t want to be terrible.  By the end of the first half of the season, I wasn’t having fun and was wondering if maybe I should stop playing altogether.  I always expected to get better as I played more and more, but felt my play was regressing.  I have to admit I was a little depressed because of it, even off the ice.

That’s why my little bit of success on the ice lately is so great.  It really is amazing what a little bit of confidence can do.  I can just feel I’m skating better, shooting the puck better, and playing better.  And, I’m having a lot of fun.  And…I think I’ll play one more year.