Money and Stimulus Packages?

I received my “stimulus package” from the U.S. government direct deposited into my bank account today (well, it will technically be there Monday). For those of you who don’t know, the stimulus package is the name our government is giving their program to stimulate out economy, not some device you buy in an adult shop.

We got a pretty nice chunk of money (above $1,000), but in reality it was our money anyhow. What I want to spend the money on is a Nintendo Wii and some games. What I’m going to spend the money on is to pay off the credit card from Christmas. I hate being a grownup sometimes 😦

Will the stimulus package help the economy? Maybe it will give it a slight bump. Until we can get the gas prices under control, which is making everything go up in cost, I think the economy is still going to be a mess.

Also, you may notice a “possible related posts” section at the bottom of some of my posts. This isn’t created by me. It’s a new thing from WordPress. Click at your own risk (especially ones with the words stimulus package in the title)

2 thoughts on “Money and Stimulus Packages?

  1. Is this like a kind of tax rebate? Wah, I wish the Australian government would get this idea. We’ve been putting off having the car serviced because it’s so expensive. It is boring being a grown-up, isn’t it? Maybe you could all go out for a nice dinner then use the rest for the credit card?

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