Let’s Go to Work

Thanks for the comments yesterday. I’ll get to replying to them tomorrow. I don’t have much time today as I’m home taking care of my wife who is feeling a little under the weather. In the meantime, I leave you with a picture.

Saturday my wife was getting ready for a baby shower and I was watching my daughter. My daughter walked into the other room, put on my wife’s shoes and said, “I go to work.” Of course, I took a picture.

7 thoughts on “Let’s Go to Work

  1. I hope your wife feels better soon, Struggling Writer. Your daughter is so cute – look at that diddle foot! Kiko often puts on my shoes too. I’ve got a funny shot of him sitting on his potty with an enormous pair of trainers on. Unfortunately I can’t post it because it’s rude!!

  2. Diane – thanks!

    writinggb – the angle of the picture did work out well. it was an accident, though. I had to take the picture fast before she walked away

    animar – 🙂

    Helen – thanks! I’m sure that picture of Kiko is adorable/funny!

    Vesper – thanks! Yeah, she’s into shoes already

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