A Bird, No A Plane, No A Superdelegate

This will be a post of things. Things that aren’t entirely related.  Things that may be interesting.

Thing 1

My daughter told my wife and I this morning that Santa is going to come to her birthday and give her a red present.  This is the first we heard that Old Saint Nick is coming to the party, so we’ll have to go out and buy a few more burgers I guess.

Thing 2

I read the first three chapters of Little Brother on my Sony Reader last night, which with all the technology in the book seemed fitting. I like, possibly even prefer, the feel of a real book as much as the next itchy-bearded guy. There’s something nice about the Sony Reader too.

**small digression
I got the device for just this reason, free electronic versions of books. If you download a book from the internet you have a few options. You can print out the contents of the book, which is fine, but offends my frugality (paper and ink cost money, you know). You can read the book at you PC or laptop, which is also fine, but also my computer has a little something called “The Internet” which distracts me from reading. Finally, you can use a device that is dedicated to doing one thing:displaying electronic books. This is the Sony Reader.
**end small digression

About the book?  Yeah, I’m liking it so far. I just got to an interesting point in the story but had to put it down to go to bed.  I’m excited to continue the journey tonight.

Thing 3 (Politics Alert!)

I spent way too much time than I needed to watching the primary returns from North Caroline and Indiana, hoping Obama could squeak just a little bit more from those late reporting counties to squeak ahead of Hillary. It didn’t happen, but it doesn’t really matter. There is really no way Hillary can win without doing some shady things and ripping the party apart. It’s over, even if she and the media don’t want to admit it (why would they, after all, since they are getting huge ratings while this draws on). The only way this will end (other than Hillary dropping out) is with the help from the Superdelagates *bugle plays*.

Whatever, right? I spend too much time thinking about this stuff.