Scruffy McGee

Here’s a picture of my daughter at her birthday party, checking out the awesome coloring book my wife made for all the kids. I lead with this picture because the one that follows is not quite as cute.

Also, my latest Sippy Cup Book Review is up at BeAGoodDad.  This week’s book is Cat’s Pajamas.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Any constructive criticism is welcome as always.

It’s been a while since I posted any updates on the playoff beard. Our camera has been on the fritz, we’ve been planning our daughter’s birthday party, and so on. Last night, I finally decided to get a picture. As you can see, this one is a self portrait. I really wasn’t in total darkness when I took the picture, just so you know. I had to do some Photoshop magic because the flash was too bright on my face. Also, I’m wearing my glasses. It’s coming along pretty nicely, huh? Should I use this one when my novel gets published? 🙂

Here is a link to my last picture, for comparison purposes.

My wife has taken to calling me Scruffy McGee and pleading with me to shave every day. I tell her I’ve come this far and can’t shave now. I’m no quitter! 🙂 The funny thing for me, not for her, is that she keeps asking people what they think of the beard and they all keep telling her they like it. My grandfather, who I though for sure would be against the beard said he liked it. This weekend, my wife’s two sisters both said they like the beard.

Plus, the Pittsburgh Penguins have done quite well in the playoffs and are up 2 games to 0 against the Philadelphia Flyers. The winner of the best of 7 series will play for the Stanley Cup!

As soon as the playoffs are over, though, I’m shaving the beard. It is just too itchy for me.

7 thoughts on “Scruffy McGee

  1. Hey there Pens fan great job bringing them good luck with your facial hair contribution. Guard it with your life. I love the picture. And when you say your wife MADE the coloring book, what are we talking about here? It looks adorable–not as cute as the kid of course, but still. Hope all is well and I’ll check out your review.

  2. Hey again, I tried to post a comment at the review site, but I’m not sure it worked. I love your work–I could imagine your family expanding the book into a full family experience. I’ll repost if it doesn’t take.

  3. My hubbie shaved his beard because he found it too itchy. I was a little disappointed at the time cause I liked the look, but it’s his face, after all!

    Your daughter is a doll! Obviously you also had great weather for the party. It’s a great treat to be able to have kids’ parties outdoors. My son’s birthday is in Nov., so weather is always a bit uncertain…

  4. Oh your daughter is a cutie! And your wife made the coloring books? That’s cool! Ok, I agree with your wife, Scruffy! It looks itchy just in the picture!!!! But then again, I have never been a big beard fan.

  5. Kathie – As far as making the coloring book, what she did was find some Blues Clues coloring pages and other characters on the internet, print those as well as some stickers on sticker paper. Then she punched a hole in the bunch and bound it with ribbon. Then she gave one to each of the kids, which distracted them from not having presents to open themselves.

    WritingGB – We did have nice weather Saturday. It was a great day.

    Ello – My daughter is too cute. I’ll tell my wife you agree with her 🙂

  6. Such a pretty little girl – and a very sweet photo of her.

    The beard is working it’s magic if your team is doing so well. I understood from male friends that the itching wore off after a bit! Don’t get a suntan on your face though or it will look very peculiar when you do eventually shave it off. (I know this from personal experience – not my beard but my ex’s of course!)

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