A Post About Nothing

Image From Featured Pictures Section of Wikimedia Commons

Pretty cool picture huh? I just found it browsing Wikimedia Commons and had to share. One of the first words my daughter learned to say was “turtle”, which coming from her little mouth was the cutest word ever spoken.

My Pittsburgh Penguins won again last night. They are one win away from the Stanley Cup finals. That’s all I want to say about that, for fear of jinxing it.

Szelsofa had an interesting post today about a prototype paper by Xerox which erases itself! Head on over to her blog to see the details. It sounds pretty cool.

Taffiny had a post the other day regarding sharing some of her writing with her family, and the anxiety of sharing her writing with anyone. I totally understand. It can be so hard to share writing or any creative endeavor for that matter, because it’s as if you are sharing a piece of yourself.

When I first started writing seriously, not all that long ago, I would share stuff with my family. They are always supportive and usually tell me I did a good job with whatever I wrote. Most of their suggestions were grammar related.

Next, I started sharing my writing here on this blog. Again, most readers are extremely supportive. I love that about you all. It was here that I got a few style suggestions.

Finally, I have joined a critique group. These people go into way more depth in my writing, and I hear less of “that’s nice” and more of “you are showing, not telling” or “would this character really do that?”. It’s not all positive stuff, but always done in a nice manner, and always helpful.

So, yeah, all these things work. I imagine the critique group is the one used least by beginning writers. However, I also think it’s the most important. Sometimes we need people who aren’t related, or scared to hurt out feelings to look at our work in a critical way, to find the things we just can’t find in our writing. It has been extremely valuable for me.

Thanks for the post idea here Taffiny and good luck with sharing your writing.  Anyone who reads your work is lucky to be able to do so.

4 thoughts on “A Post About Nothing

  1. Thank you for mentioning my post about that new invention, Paul.
    Also, your daughter’s birthday party seemed like a lot of fun. Younger kids do play beside each other, rather then in groups.
    You beard has definitely improved a lot!

  2. Yes, writing groups can be really helpful. I love helping my students to learn how to give helpful comments without worrying about feeling so much. I always say, anyone can tell you “Good job” — if you want that kind of feedback, show your work to a loved one! Only your peers can actually help you achieve your best potential, and for that to happen, everyone in the group needs to be honest and give specific feedback. After all, it’s what we all want as writers, so it’s necessary for us to give that to others as well!

  3. Well if they scoff at the word length, “You expect us to read all that!”, I’ll tell them you said they are lucky to be able to do so. 🙂

    Thanks for the insights, and the advice. I am taking them to heart, and to page,(my heart is on the page). It will take me some time, like you say, you start here then move your way over to there. It is important for me to know how important the critique group is. I do want and need, usefull, helpful feed-back that will improve my writing. (I am just not sure how I will deal if it isn’t said in an encouraging sort of way. I want to find someone who believes in my idea, my story, and then have them tell me everything that sucks about it. Then I can work on all the changes without being totally crushed. Is that completely unreasonable, impossible?).

    I thought I liked turtles, green sea turtles especially, but your close up, lends itself more easily to my feeling fear “when good turtles go bad”, or descend into madness. It is a bit like close-ups of butterfly faces.

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