Some Stuff I Made

I’ve done some fun stuff lately I thought I’d share with you all.

First was a contest at Free and Flawed in which entrants were to make a picture in Microsoft Paint that told a story about one of their blog posts. Here’s mine:

I’m actually a bit proud of this drawing, especially the little Penguins logo on “my” shirt.

Next, John Scalzi asked for answers to the question “What happened on August 19, 1994?” Here’s my entry (this will make more sense if you’ve seen the movie Back to the Future):

August 19, 1994? Yeah, I remember it. That was the night lightning struck the Old Clock Tower. Terrible storm. Worst that I can remember. That was the same night some nerd punched out the town bully and some punk kid nearly ruined the Enchantment Under the Sea dance with his electric guitar. Disrespectful if you ask me.

What? August 19, 1994? Oh, I thought you said November 5, 1955.

Not much happened on August 19, 1994. Ate dinner with the wife, chased some kids off the lawn, and watched the ballgame on the television. Why do you ask?

Thoughts? I thought it was funny.