Glasses and Music and Waterstones


Had a busy day yesterday. The borough took care of the plumbing problem, so no cost to me there. Yay!

I got new contact lenses and glasses yesterday, something that was MUCH needed. The glasses I chose are super cool, thanks to help from my lovely wife. I’ll share some pictures when I get them (in about a week).

Yep, still have the beard. The Penguins have made the Stanley Cup Finals (yay) so they have anywhere to four to seven games remaining in their season. That translates to a few more weeks of the beard.

I’ve been getting into a site called lately. Just a cool music site. Basically, it’s a music site that you can search for you favorite artists on and play many of their songs for free. It’s like radio, except you’re the DJ. It’s all free too! If you get really into the site you can create an account and create a playlist. Here’s a link to my playlist:

I’ve found some pretty cool music there from artists I hadn’t previous been aware of. I particularly like Regina Spektor. Particularly the song On the Radio. You can hear that on my playlist.

I found out via Neil Gaiman’s blog that Waterstones is having a writing contest to celebrate the National Year of Reading. Several published authors such as J.K. Rowling, Neil Gaiman, and Lauren Child have already submitted stories which will be viewable in June on the website. In the meantime, us “other” authors are invited to go there and tell our short stories.

The idea is to write a story that will fit on one of their cards. They have a neat web application that lets you write your story online on one of their “cards”. Anyhow, I think it’s a pretty cool writing opportunity.