More Photoey Beardie Goodness

Here’s another picture of me with the beard. As you can see it’s getting quite scraggly. My wife took this one after we woke up, hence messy hair.

I watched game one of the Stanley Cup finals on the internet last night, as it was on a channel we don’t get (Versus). My Penguins got soundly defeated 4-0. I hope things improve next game.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, a day in which we celebrate those who have given service to our country by seeing how many hamburgers and hot dogs we can eat while we cook our pale skin in the sun. Good times 🙂

11 thoughts on “More Photoey Beardie Goodness

  1. What hair?! Same boat, dude . . .

    I never much understood hockey. I grew up on Blackhawk country, but the Bulls were the rage back then. Went to college in Northern Minnesota, where hockey is only slightly more popular than broomball. Our college was quite good at hockey. Went to a few games, but just didn’t get it. Liked the pep band, however.

    And now I live in Komet country, home of the new IHL Turner Cup champs. You’d think I’d get it sooner or later. Happy cheering . . .


  2. I’m liking the new look of your blog! But the beard! Ah!!! Isn’t it itchy? What does your daughter think? Doesn’t she complain when you kiss her? Ok – I have to say, it looks good on you, but still. We are getting into warm weather now, isn’t it going to be hot? Just giving you a hard time for your wife’s sake! ;o)

  3. Brian – you gotta get into hockey. It’s an exciting sport.

    Ello – thanks about the new look of the blog. It was time for a change. The beard isn’t too itchy anymore and it wasn’t bad in the warm weather. The daughter and wife still hate it though.

  4. Come ON, Penguins! I’ve accepted that my Canadiens can’t have the cup this year, but please, Pens, don’t let Detroit have it. (They’ll beat the Wings when they get back home, right?)

  5. Actually, I think you’re looking quite distinguished now, that is a real beard (as opposed to a fake one… eh?!?!) I like your new blog look too.

  6. And the beard?
    It is now a beard, yes. Looks quite nice and proper to me.
    BTW, if you have the time, please look at the Guess the Movie series I’ve just started on my blog. Round One is up.

  7. So you’re on Mars now, Paul? 🙂

    The new look of your blog is just great.

    And the beard looks fine. 🙂 You have a contagious smile. 🙂

  8. SzélsőFa – thanks! it amuses me that the beard seems really blonde in these pictures because it is darker in real life

    Helen – that’s the first time I’ve ever been called distinguished. Thanks 🙂 I’m also glad you like the new design 🙂

    Shari – I’m severely worried. My only hope is that they will be boosted once they play in Pittsburgh. If they win 2 in a row they will be right back in it.

    Vesper – thanks 🙂 *blush*

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