My Waterstones Entry

Well, I wound up entering that writing contest at Waterstones I mentioned here last week. I’m pretty pleased with my entry, though I submitted it with a typo. My wife spotted it after it was already submitted. Oh well.

Their site is done in Flash, so there is no way to link to my entry directly. Instead, I did a screen capture of my story and am posting it below. Let me know what you think (I edited the typo).

The neat thing about the contest is that I was able to design the card background on their website. It’s not the most imaginative of designs, but I think it matches my story. After all, my strong suit is not graphic designer. My wife posted an entry as well, but her’s is much nicer than mine (she IS a graphic designer).

Anyhow, let me know if you enter the contest so I can read your story. I believe you still have a week or so before the deadline. If you write your story online, you get 600 characters (letters, punctuation, etc.) to work with.