My Waterstones Entry

Well, I wound up entering that writing contest at Waterstones I mentioned here last week. I’m pretty pleased with my entry, though I submitted it with a typo. My wife spotted it after it was already submitted. Oh well.

Their site is done in Flash, so there is no way to link to my entry directly. Instead, I did a screen capture of my story and am posting it below. Let me know what you think (I edited the typo).

The neat thing about the contest is that I was able to design the card background on their website. It’s not the most imaginative of designs, but I think it matches my story. After all, my strong suit is not graphic designer. My wife posted an entry as well, but her’s is much nicer than mine (she IS a graphic designer).

Anyhow, let me know if you enter the contest so I can read your story. I believe you still have a week or so before the deadline. If you write your story online, you get 600 characters (letters, punctuation, etc.) to work with.

6 thoughts on “My Waterstones Entry

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  2. Your story definitely goes against the “mainstream” view of our first alien encounters. They are often portrayed as hostile, much brigher and bent solely on domination and annihilation. To think of them as simply stopping by for a visit, unarmed and wide-eyed with wonder, is a twist. Your story is compelling, for it asks the reader to consider how they would respond to such an innnocent encounter. Nice work.


  3. Really enjoyed this. I like how you indirectly told the story. It let you create an eery setting in such a tight character limit. Good job!

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