Luck Needed


I need some luck. Well, I don’t really need luck. Rather, the Pittsburgh Penguins need some luck. They are down two games to none to the Detroit Red Wings and have yet to score a goal. The teams play tonight in Pittsburgh. If the Penguins lose tonight the math will be severely against them.

Here’s where I need all of you. The Pens need all the good vibes they can get. I’m doing my part with the beard and all. It isn’t enough. Tonight, around 8:00 PM (eastern), rub your lucky rabbit’s foot, break a wishbone, put on the lucky socks, eat some chicken parm, or whatever you do for good luck and think of the Penguins. They need all the help then can get.

Tell me about your good luck superstitions? Do you really believe they work?

Besides, the Penguins are the underdogs in the series, the youth against the more experienced Red Wings.  I read an article today that called the Red Wings style of play machine-like and joyless.  Meanwhile, the Penguins style is full of speed and energy.  Honestly, who would you rather win?

Also, be sure to check out my post yesterday with my waterstones story and tell me what you think. Pretty please? 🙂